TF35 watermaker

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The first specimen of the new class TF35 foiler catamaran successfully passed the sea trials which took place on August 20 on theLake Geneva.

A team of designers and engineers worked on the project for 21 months. The challenge was to create a boat that would be able to float in very low winds.

«We created a crazy, high-tech racing machine, which will be driven by small crews»," describes the result of the collective work of IS & 3D Eng designer Marc Menec.

The TF35 is able to sail up the foils in a tailwind of only seven knots.

On a sharper course she only needs 9 knots. During tests in Geneva, she accelerated to 17 knots in a 9-knot wind and 23 knots in a crosswind. The creators of the boat estimate its maximum possible speed at 40 knots.

The crew reviews the TF35 as a stable model. This, as well as reducing the required minimum number of crew members, was achieved through the use of an automated system for controlling the foil position.

At the moment, 8 more boards are under construction. Yachtsmen will be able to start mastering this catamaran in the winter season. According to experts, TF35 has all the prerequisites for becoming a new international sport class in the future.

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