Sail and a little nervous. Report from stage V of the National Sailing League.

Sail and a little nervous. Report from stage V of the National Sailing League.

Sailing in St. Petersburg is a volatile wind, strong current and insidious algae. So the result of racing is always a surprise...
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St. Petersburg has been sailing all last week. And this is not an exaggeration, because sailing is in the genetic memory of the city. Since July, 10th on coast of Neva there is a sea village. Thematic platforms worked, master classes on knitting of sea knots and other sea rigging were held, the exhibition of yacht photos pleased with its shots. Historical sailing ships «Nadezhda», «Lady L», «Lukull», as well as a replica of the legendary «Poltava» received guests on the open ramp. Sailing schools have been called to open days until today. And the program of the weekend of many St. Petersburgers perfectly blended show windsurfers, concert of Maxim Leonidov, waltzing yachts on the Neva and a festive fireworks.

But the main event of the sailing week was, of course, the start of the V stage of the Supreme division of the National Sailing League on the Neva river on Petropavlovka. The races were attended by 21 teams from different parts of the country - from Moscow, St Petersburg, Taganrog, Chechnya and the Urals.

Golden finish of «PIROGOVO» Yacht Club team (helmsman Yuri Morozov) was more unpredictable than expected.

Initially, the leadership was taken by the Tuapse club Calipso. On the second day, all plans were confused by the calm, only six starts were held. Calipso team was in the lead again, but the first three had significant changes. «Sailing Academy of the Yacht Club of St». Petersburg came in third place - Anna Basalkina's team managed to win one race. And before the final race day St. Petersburg «academicians seriously» claimed the prizes. But PIRGOVO «»gave up its positions a little, being in the fifth place. Rocknrolla Sailing Team, which also won one race on Saturday's wrestling, climbed to the second line of the tournament table.

On the day of the finals, the struggle for victory became more intense. For a long time the leadership was held by the Sailing «Academy of the Yacht Club of»St. Petersburg, but the eighth arrival in the penultimate race gave the team only fourth place. As a consolation, Anna Basalkina's team received a special Leader prize from RSC for «the» fastest passing of the distance.

The CSKA Yacht Club was also close to the awards. In three racing days Mikhail Poslamovsky's team finished first three times, but their final result was fifth place.

As a result, the prizes went to those who performed, above all, stably. Crew of Rocknrolla Sailing Team (helmsman Andrey Novikov) and ArtTube RUS1 (helmsman Valeria Kovalenko) scored 45 points each, the fate of silver was determined by the number of first arrivals - the team of Valeria Kovalenko had more. The bronze went to Rocknrolla Sailing Team.

PIRogovo «team was the most successful on the last day of the start. Eight parishes in the first three plus a good performance in the past two days led the crew of Yuri Morozov to the gold medal.

Racing in St. Petersburg is always a «bit nervous .

The complexity of the water area on the Neva is already a parable in the pagans. According to the competition judge Kirill Lebedev, the current and changeable wind make their mark on the passage of the course and require often very quick change of tactics - in the crosswind it can be difficult to build it. Maxim Titarenko, the last year's winner of these races and the current winner of the Nord Stream main prize, says that it is always difficult to race here. All the fault is the same strong current and the wind, which blows with different strength, comes and goes - and this is even at a distance of 100 meters.

The PIROGOVO«Yacht Club team has also» passed the durability test.

«It is not necessary to speak about any luck, because all crews here are very strong, any team could surprise and win. We are familiar with the water area, we chased here in the Euroleague last year and this year. There is a flow pattern, in the middle of the Neva it is a little stronger. Accordingly, when the yachts go against the wind, everybody tries to reach a stronger current to carry them away faster. On a full course, on the contrary, everybody tries to go ashore where the current is less. They make their adjustments and algae, they cling to the keel and can only lose the race because of this. It was worth the task to put out the maximum, because for each race, everything could change. The previous stages of the National Sailing League were not very good for us, and now we have completed the task, -»shared the tactician of PIRogovo «team Maxim Kuzmin».

Participants of the Higher Division will now meet in Kaliningrad, where in August the grand final of the season-2019 will be held. Full results of the 5th stage of the National Sailing League by link.

Photos: Nikolai Semennikov /, Andrey Sheremetyev.

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