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Model range

The brand Gamma Yachts produces expedition Yachts and Trawlers and steel Yachts. There are 4 models from 18 to 26 meters.


History of the company

The Gamma Yachts shipyard has no rich history yet. But it was founded by a man who has devoted decades to racing and studied all the nuances of speed on water. As a young man, Guido Bonandrini followed in the footsteps of his father a lawyer, but then organized a yacht club in Bergamo, became its vice-president and started competing in international competitions. He holds national and world championship titles as well as a world speed record.

With his extensive experience of competition and extensive knowledge of techniques and materials, Mr. Bonandrini decided to invest in the shipbuilding industry and in 2004 he founded the Gamma Yachts shipyard.

He attracted the prestigious design firm Vripack from the Netherlands, finding like-minded founders such as engineer Marnix Hoekstra and architect Bart Bouwhueis.

This successful cooperation was immediately fruitful: the famous Italian singer Andrea Bocelli was among the first customers, which certainly made the shipyards a good advertisement.

«A yacht must be discreetly elegant, have a bright charm, meet the owner's wishes and exactly match his image,"»said Guido Bonandrini, President of Gamma Yachts.

Production .

Gamma Yachts is headquartered in Monaco, where her owner and family now live, but they are building yachts in the Netherlands under the careful supervision of Vripack, who invented the Smart Kit technology, a design that speeds up production: the slipways are used to build yachts from pre-fitted parts.

Model range

Gamma Yachts offers the following types of yachts from 16 to 24 meters in length: displacement and semi-displacement yachts, expedition yachts and trawlers. Only steel is used for the hull as the most reliable, durable and safe material. The possibility of individual selection of style, materials and interior planning is guaranteed, regardless of the size of the yacht.


The principle of production at this shipyard is simple: «Whatever the owner wants. The customer can't make changes only in the shape of the hull and superstructure, everything else is in his hands. A detailed technical specification is made so that the future owner understands what his money will be used for. The customer himself or his authorized representative can come to the shipyard at any time and check the construction process by personally inspecting and touching all the materials.

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