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There is no information about current production lines of the brand Forbina in the market. If you are representative of Forbina please contact us so we can update the Forbina page.

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Company history

Forbinabåtar was born in the mid 80's thanks to the passion of its founder, Göran Forsberg, for boats and the sea. Usually the history of successful shipbuilders starts roughly in the same way: at first the owner is personally involved in the design or construction, and as the shipyard develops, he gradually passes on this responsibility to others. But this was not the case with Forbina boats.

Yoran has been personally involved in the design of all models since his first days, and even today the entire lineup of the shipyard has been built with his personal participation, with the famous designer having already changed the seventh ten.

For over 30 years the company has been building family cruisers, which are in demand in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia.

Status .

The company continues its work.


The construction is carried out on the territory of the shipyard, located in Karlstad on the shore of the largest lake in Sweden - Lake Venerne. There is one production building, where Forbina's headquarters are also located.

Model range

The company's model range is being slowly updated. One of the latest Forbina 680 °F models was announced in 2016. Today Forbina offers boats in one of the most popular ranges - lengths from 6.5 to 13 meters.

From the boats the shipyard builds walkaround boats w«ith» small cabins for day trips. For long family or small company holidays, the range includes gliding yachts with flybridge and closed cruise boats.


Forbina does not seek to gain a leading position in the market, it is a small series production, where a lot of work is done by hand, as it was many years ago. Thanks to such approach the enterprise offers qualitative and thought over boats.

Despite the compact sizes, yachts of shipyard confidently behave on water and can leave easy in the open sea.

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