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Victor Dumonlaan 6 2830 Willebroek (Antwerp)

There is no information about current production lines of the brand Bernico in the market. If you are representative of Bernico please contact us so we can update the Bernico page.

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Company history

What do you do if you dream about expensive water sports and there's no money? Nico Bertels in this situation decided not to despair and act.

Nico built his first boat at the age of 11. It is true that after the launch it went straight to the bottom, but it did not stop the young shipbuilder.

By the age of 14 he had built a more viable catamaran, several more projects followed and by the time he was old Nico had a sponsor who provided him with a pair of powerful Evinrude engines. He installed both at once on his new boat, which was a rarity at the time. There wasn't enough money to buy a hull, and his own wit and skill came to the rescue, as always. It's worth saying that the game was worth the candles. On this boat, the inventor won his first competition, and a new brand - Bernico entered the market.


It's working.

Production .

Shipyard in Willebrook has small production facilities. Although Bernico boats are production boats, each model is unique and made by hand. This is the only way to guarantee reliability and high performance. There is also a marina for small boats and services for overhauling and tuning racing engines are provided.

The lineup

Professional racing boats and catamarans are built under the Bernico brand. There are also fast models for day trips with family or friends and they are also used as tenders for superyachts. The latest addition to the range is the RIBs, which are based on racing hulls.


Bernico is closely linked to water skiing and racing. Nico and his team have made a significant contribution to the industry over 20 years, as evidenced by numerous Belgian and world awards, including in Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 classes. The yard's boats are acquired by those who want to own a real sports gear capable of handling 50 knots or more.

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