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Picchiotti produces custom built luxury boats in the superyacht market which are presented here. The shipyard has no current production line models available.



History of the company

The history of the Italian company Picchiotti goes back to the distant past - it was founded back in the 16th century in the Tuscan town. Limit-sul-Arno. For a long time, mostly commercial and military ships were built here. The shipyard was one of the few places where the global yachting industry started. The shipyard is famous for yachts such as Esperia (15 m) built in 1905 or Kon Tiki (36.5 m) built in 1947.

The shipyard was one of the first to start mass production of motor yachts.

The heyday of the company as a superyacht builder came in the 1980s with the arrival of such interesting boats as Aetea (41m, 1981), T. M. Blue One (46 m, 1988) or MaRo (39.5 m, 1988).

In the early 1990s, the shipyard was acquired by the Perini Navi Group, a young sailing yacht builder. This led to a rethinking of the brand's strategy and the launch of new series, including the spectacular Picchiotti Vitruvius boats, created in collaboration with French designer Philippe Briand and the design studio Vitruvius.


In 2017 Perini Navi announced that the company would no longer use the Picchiotti brand for its motor yachts, which, like the shipyard's sailing boats, would be named Perini Navi. Lamberto Tacoli, CEO of Perini Navi, said he will no longer use the Picchiotti brand for its motor yachts, which, like&nbsp, will be named Perini Navi:

«Picchiotti remains part of our family - this was a decision not against Picchiotti, but in favor of Perini Navi. We are thinking of a strategy for the future, and this is a requirement of the time.

Production .

Picchiotti yachts are being built in La Spezia on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Here, in a well-equipped area of 32,000 sqm, semi and custom superyachts are being built in steel and aluminium.


The yard's boats once reached a length of 104 m (Al Mabrukah, 1982). Today, the ceiling is 73 m. The most important recent appearance of the Picchiotti Vitruvius series. The owner of several awards, the Explorer Exuma (2010, 50m), the 55m ice class Galileo G (2011) and the flagship Grace E (2014, 73m) are among them. These original models demonstrate the company's vision for the future of motor yachting.

Features .

Picchiotti superyachts stand out for their variety. We will not find here the well-defined style typical of many other manufacturers. The shipyard seems to be trying its hand at different «genres», achieving interesting results in each of them.

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