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History of the company

Bootcentrum Geertsma has been building steel boats in the Netherlands for over 50 years. The shipyard, like many other shipbuilders of the time, started with a small production facility, which over time developed into a large enterprise.

Bege brand was born much later than the launch of production. At the beginning, pleasure boats for family holidays and tourist boats were built under this name, but gradually the model range expanded and with it the size of boats increased. The modern direction of the shipyard began to take shape in 1994, when the first series of trawler-like yachts, the Bege Type 1100, entered the market.

Status .

Bootcentrum Geertsma continues to produce boats under its own brand, also selling Yamaha engines and rubber boats from different manufacturers.


The company's production facilities and head office are located in Boarnsterheim in the north of the Netherlands. These places are rich in artificial canals, rivers and lakes, so shipbuilders know the rules and standards for boats firsthand and they comply with all declared norms.

Model range

The company's model range includes more than 10 yachts from 9.5 to 12 meters. These are all steel displacement trawler-type yachts. Traditionally the superstructure of the boats has extensive glazing, and the interior is characterized by high comfort. The exterior design has many straight lines, typical of the Dutch style.


Bege boats are not just standard projects with a clear set of options. At the customer's request, the shipyard can improve an existing project or develop a completely new unique model to meet all customer requirements.

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