Builder Alliaura


The brand Alliaura produced aft cockpit sailboats and is also active in the superyacht market. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.



History of the company

Alliaura Marine Holding was founded in 1996: it has assembled several shipyards under its management and as a result has obtained a number of production lines of yachts of different types. The Jeantot Marine Shipyard, created by the famous Philippe Gianto in 1985 and building the Privilege series of catamarans, was the foundation of the shipyard.

After being transferred under the patronage of Alliaura Marine, these catamarans have moved into the top segment of the current multihull serial sailing market: Lagoon or Catana are positioned lower and, for example, Sunreef much higher. The company has also produced motor yachts under the Feeling brand, Tresco Line boats and Transcat multihulls.


In 2012, the holding ceased to exist. Of all the brands, only Privilege, which since 2017 has been owned by the German company Hanse Yachts, remains afloat.

Production .

The holding's production facilities were located in two modern shipyards in France.

Model range

Alliaura Marine offered a rather extensive range. Motor catamarans were produced under the Transcat brand and Tresco Line was represented by high-speed tenders for superyachts in high-tech style. Feeling includes sailing yachts with a central and protected cockpit and boats with a deck salon - their distinguishing feature was the lift keel, which was supplied in basic configuration. This keel allows owners to cruise along shallow banks. Privilege, in addition to the Power series, also produces sailing multihulls.


Alliaura Marine attracted world famous designers and naval architects. Most of the work was done without the help of third parties, which allowed to control the entire assembly process and ensure high quality.