Azzam effect

Azzam effect

Recently, there's only talk of a megayacht Azzam. The editorial staff of itBoat is finding out why everyone is fussing about.

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The rumour of a 180-metre yacht that will rub the nose of Eclipse itself has long disturbed the minds of the public, the yellow press and Roman Abramovich, the owner of Eclipse. And finally, on the fifth of April, Azzam was launched in Bremen. Since itBoat is a professional publication, we will not shout nakedly that this event of the century, but will give our readers an objective picture.

What do we have? We have a really long boat - 180 meters is no joke. It is really fast - its maximum speed is over 30 knots, thanks to 4 engines (two diesel and two gas turbines) with total power of 94 thousand horsepower. It was created under the leadership of Mubarak Saada Al-Ahbabi (Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi) The year the Italians from Nauta Yachts spent on design, the German shipyard Lurssen managed the construction in three years. Which, frankly speaking, is super fast for such a scale.

Vilena Pavlova, head of Burgess Russia, whose specialists acted as technical consultants to the owner and project managers, gave the following comment to itBoat: The «construction of Azzam, the largest ultra-modern megayacht, with its complex technical content was extremely difficult. However, the successful participation in this project once again confirmed the professionalism of the Burgess team, especially our technical department».

There was a Frenchman on the pro squad. Christophe Leoni. (Christophe Leoni), who was an interior designer. For him, working with Azzam was his yachting debut. It is too early to judge Christophe's work - no one has seen the interior photos yet. All that is known is that he created a refined and luxurious environment in the Empire style. In particular, on his conscience, the main salon size 29 by 18 meters. We keep an eye on the situation, and as soon as the photos appear, our readers will be the first to see them. Although, let us note, history knows few examples when newcomers were surprised in a good way.

The owner's name of the Azzam megayacht is still not disclosed. But it is said that» Roman Arkadievich was «eclipsed by the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Al-Walid bin Talalto whom the boat cost almost $611 million. Surprisingly, no one comments on the name of the yacht.

Meanwhile, the Arabic male name Azzam has a dignified princely meaning «Decisive as a lion».

And last but not least, to complete the picture, we asked for Sergei DobroserdovThe director of Nakhimov, one of Europe's leading megayacht specialists, will evaluate the importance of this boat for the yacht market: «Apart from its size, Azzam is hardly surprising. Standard exterior design techniques, little space on open decks, no beach-club and no good bathing platform. The yacht looks neither modern nor classic.

Obviously, the prestige and magic of big numbers prevails over everything else.

Size and speed - yes, serious, but will the first places in the ratings justify the increased noise, vibrations and astronomical bills to pay for the team? And finally, an owner who can build a 180-meter yacht but cannot reveal his name does not look like a truly free man. To summarize: design 3, innovation 2, eco-friendly 2, speed 5».

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