Toys for the big ones

Toys for the big ones

Than to entertain a vacationer on a megayacht.
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itBoat offers an overview of the latest innovations for water sports on board a megayacht.


Green Yachts has diversified its range of leisure activities with the launch of the Climbing Yacht Wall. It is a case when water fun will not only entertain, but also make you sweat.

The climbing wall has three levels of difficulty: green hooks for climbing salads, yellow hooks for people with training and red hooks for professionals. When creating it, designers consulted with professional climbers.

ItBoat will fall into the water, but from a height of five meters.

The wall is three meters wide. The company can also adjust the parameters and make it both vertical (see video) and horizontal - depending on this changes the location «of the convexity», the most difficult part of the climbing wall.

Water Blob

The Water Blob is an advanced extreme trampoline. The principle of its use is simple. On one end of the inflatable cushion one vacationer (or several) jumps, and from the opposite side takes off the other.

Depending on the fatness of jumpers, you can take off for 6-9 meters, which means that you should not swing away from the manufacturer's recommended protection - a helmet and a life jacket.

The model range has several sizes, but the most popular - 6 by 3 meters. In assembled form, the Water Blob is compact: 90 by 90 cm, which simplifies its storage. Available in dark blue, black, white or grey. The toy is covered by a one-year warranty.


In the garage of experienced extreme lovers, of course, a couple of jet skis piled up. It's time to uncover them, because the latest hit - flying boards flyboard - working in conjunction with water bikes. The board is connected to the turbine hydrocycle 18-meter hose, the water pressure from which allows taking off at a height of up to 9 meters. To hydrocycles of different brands will need their own «adapters», they should be taken care of when buying a flyboard.

The flight is controlled by two additional water pumps from the so-called stabilizers attached to the forearms. The unit allows not only to fly, but also to dive a dolphin, and with proper preparation to perform complex acrobatic tricks.

But just to resist without falling into the water face, at first will be a worthy challenge.

Such a toy, for example, is available in the arsenal of megayachts of Russian oligarch Vladislav Doronin. This summer he joined his friend and the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio to flyboarding.


Let's go down from heaven on Triton Submarines. This season the company has added "tritons" for 4, 6 and 8 seats to its model range (one is always reserved for the operator). The company has toured with them to all the major yacht shows of the 2013 season, the latest of which was the Fort Lauderdale show.

The submersibles are designed for use on large boats. Relatively lightweight and easy to integrate with megayachts, they will certainly provide an unforgettable underwater experience. The company can both provide the pilot and train the crew member to operate the unit.

The price tag on «tritons» is such that it's not even convenient to call them toys.

You can save money by taking the machine on a charter. The manufacturer guarantees delivery anywhere in the world.

The technical characteristics vary depending on the model: for example, the Triton 1000/3 can drop to a depth of 1000 feet at a speed of 3 knots.

Jet Capsule

The space look of Jet Capsule is «Mini Cooper» among the mega yacht tenders. With a length of 7.5 meters and a width of 3.5 meters, it is maneuverable, fast (25-35 knots, depending on the engine) and spacious enough to accommodate a «toy» size. The best for a warm company outing.

This stylish mini-yacht has several configurations: Emergency rescue, Jet Taxi, Jet Patrol, Armored, Angel, and of course the Party Jet version for parties.

These options, rather, are needed to show the possibilities of customization


In practice, the manufacturer is ready to create Jet Capsule whatever the customer wants.

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