In the context of Contest
Reviews and test drives

In the context of Contest

On board Contest 52MC, the first motor yacht in the history of the Dutch shipyard...

How did the Contest come to the «engine»

The Dutch family shipyard Contest Yachts has half a century of experience in building sailing yachts and has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality boats in this market and has found its admirers. One such admirer was Jos Koster, who knew Contest from literally diapers. His father was also friends with the founder of the shipyard, now run by the third generation of the Conijn family. He decided it was time for a motor yacht in his life and came to his favourite shipyard with a question. There were plenty of motor yacht owners like him, but the shipyard «was just thinking about storming uncharted» territory.

The fire bought a motorboat from another shipyard, but he didn't leave his mind and, like the motor he bought, he went back to Contest again, but this time with a clear understanding of what he wants from the future yacht. This is how he became the first customer of the Contest 52MC.

The project was designed by George Nissen and architects Vripack Naval Architects. The shipyard's openness to suggestions surprised Koster. He was actively involved in the design for two years and his experience has influenced more than just his personal yacht. Walking through the inland waters, he realized that he greatly lacked an extra starboard door that would make life easier when sluiced. The shipyard has added this option for everyone.

The bonfire was pleased with the acquisition.

In his opinion, in every inch of Contest 52MC you can feel «the Contest», in every line and detail there is an echo of the sailing world. However, he stresses that this does not apply to speed.

During the tests she showed 30 knots and stable stroke (Fire installed Cummins engines, forced up to 600 hp, which, of course, affected not only the speed, but also the voracity of the boat).

How did we come to the Contest

Contest 52MC made its debut at the winter exhibition in Düsseldorf and reached Russia in late summer. We managed to test it on one of the sunny October days.

Against the background of white pointed motor boats waiting to be loaded for wintering at the Royal Yacht Club, the dark blue hull of the Contest 52MC stood out effectively not only in color. This yacht has a profile atypical for Moscow waters and immediately attracts attention. Nissen and Vripack managed to create a yacht with a beautiful dynamic exterior.

The spacious, teak cockpit has a light sofa with a pull-out table for outdoor seating. It is also possible to add fresh air to the cockpit, thanks to the automatic roof it is done quickly. The width of 4.6 meters made it possible to make the cabin spacious, and the side aisles are wide, with comfortable railing. These aisles can easily accommodate 2 people, a rarity on boats of this size.

Priorities in the interior made by the bureau Wetzels Brown Partnersare arranged in favour of space, practicality and minimalism in detail.

The interiors are dominated by calm lines and light tones. Colour solutions and finishing materials can be chosen by the customer to his taste.

A bathroom of decent size is available in both the spacious master suite and the VIP cabin to starboard. The third, small, cabin is for one person. The shipyard offers other layout options when this room turns into a pantry or galley.

The master suite itself is spacious and light. There is so much space in it that there may well be a few people in it and they won't be crowded.

However, the main luxury of this yacht lies not in the interiors, but in excellent handling and seaworthiness.

The boat has an ocean class, which is not common for 16 meters. The version of the yacht with a sliding roof and side door is also certified in category A. The sailing deckhouse with panoramic glazing gives the skipper an excellent view and allows him to feel comfortable while driving the boat. If you often have to moor without helpers, you can install a camera at the stern. Equipped with two Cummins QCS 8.3 (500 hp) engines, the yacht has a top speed of 27 knots.

In order to test the new Contest 52, which just the other day came to the capital, we left the Royal Yacht Club in Moscow for a sunny but still cool day. However, 10 minutes after the start of the engines and the heater, the interior was warm. Maneuvering in a fairly narrow bay RYC was no problem, thanks to two powerful thrusters.

We pass by the Khimki reservoir and the Moscow Canal, as required by the rules.

Barely breaking out on the Klyazminsky Spillway, we put the pens forward to the point. In a few seconds «the contest is» already on the gliding!

Now we try to spin turns and «jump» on our own wave. The 20-ton steamer does not act like a sporty 20-foot boat, of course, but it still feels a lot of weight. But inside, this massiveness feels quite positive. No extraneous creaking, noise or rattling, it feels like the boat is made not of plastic or glass, but of monolithic stone, only non-sinking. At the wheel of this boat you feel calm, comfortable and solid.

Even on such a short journey the boat quickly showed its friendly character and settled down to itself.

It will be interesting to try it in a long crossing, for example, to the Rybinsk water reservoir.

A few words about fuel consumption: in displacement mode (14-16 km/h) the boat spends 12 litres per hour on both engines. At cruising speed of 35 km/h at 2200 rpm - 95 liters per hour. At maximum, the appetite increases to 190 liters per hour on both engines.

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