Christophe Harbor is a safe haven for «sharks.»

Christophe Harbor is a safe haven for «sharks.»

Bought a berth for a superyacht - got citizenship offshore. Perfect plan for a shark business.
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The region's largest marina, Christophe Harbour, opened in the Eastern Caribbean in late June. By 2015 the harbor will be ready to accommodate 300 yachts, 60 of which are the largest. Boat owners will» also find a place «to park: the Park Hyatt Hotel will be opened for them.

But the most important «thing about» this marina is, of course, not in hotels, and not even on golf courses where berth owners can play for free. Buying a yacht's berth at Christophe Harbour gives you the opportunity to apply for citizenship of the state of St. Kitts and Nevis.

If you follow the business news, you may have heard about this country from two islands with a population of 50 thousand people in connection with the name of the founder of social network «VKontakte» Pavel Durov. The media wrote that Durov became a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, taking advantage of the government's Citizenship through Investment»program«. And although the businessman himself refuted this information, it does not look so improbable in the light of his statements about finding a «free country» for a new startup.

The fact is that St. Kitts and Nevis is a popular offshore zone with all the advantages of tax exemptions, confidentiality and lack of strict financial reporting rules. For companies registered in this country, taxes are replaced by a fixed licensing fee, which depends on the declared share capital. There is no minimum size for the latter. The cost of registration is relatively low - from 850 euros.

The St. Kitts passport allows for visa-free travel to 126 countries, including the European Union, as well as a ten-year US visa. Add official English and a tropical climate with no rainy season, and you'll get a businessman's paradise. And successful businessmen tend to love boats, and the more successful the business, the bigger the boat.

The head and founder of Christophe Harbour project Charles Buddy Darby knows about it not by hearsay: a large developer, he owns a 47-meter sailing yacht Perini Navi, Andromeda la Dea. Darby valued the place for a marina as more of a yachtsman than a businessman. He was impressed by the bay on the southeast coast of St. Kitts, closed to the winds by the mountain: there are no serious waves. He came from his own 12 years of sailing in the West Indies, where half the time too much ripple forced him to leave the harbour early or not to enter at all.

The same experience prompted Darby to persuade the local government to exempt from taxes fuel and spare parts supplied for sale in Christophe Harbour. After all, no matter how much the yacht costs and how rich its owner is, he, as a true businessman, will appreciate the opportunity to save on refueling and repairs.

To speed up customs clearance and registration, Christophe Harbour has opened a customs office. The efficiency of its work has already been tested: according to Darby, 52 crew members, its owner and his wife managed to register in 20 minutes. Those arriving at the marina in a private jet are also waiting for the wonders of customs speed: they can be on their yacht within 15 minutes of landing, Darby promises.

He has taken all the details into account, for example, the mooring areas are arranged so that the yacht and its owners are hidden from view.

Superyachts can be parked in parallel instead of the traditional aft mooring.

The cost of berth in Christophe Harbour ranges from $1,870 million to $3 million. There are also «cheaper» ways to get citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis: to contribute $250 thousand as a donation to the local Sugar Fund (SIDF) or to buy a house worth from $400 thousand. A ready-made villa on the territory of Christophe Harbour costs from $865 thousand, a building plot - from $565 thousand. In the first case you just throw away the money. The property, including the marina berth in Christophe Harbour, is an investment, it can be rented out, sold (not earlier than in five years, if you do not want to lose your citizenship) or given as an inheritance, there is no inheritance tax in St. Kitts and Nevis. By the way, citizenship is also passed on by inheritance, and children do not have to live on the islands.

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