Guests from the future: what yachts will be like in 20 years.

Guests from the future: what yachts will be like in 20 years.

Penthouses on the water with transparent floor and ceiling and an interior in the spirit of «green» glamour. World-renowned designers are discussing what the world of yachts will be like in the future.
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What kind of yachts will they be in the future? In 10, 15 or even 25 years? The designers have identified three major trends that will determine the appearance of yachts in the coming decades.

Architecture decides

«While the demand for beach clubs and balconies has long been a recognized fact, we are seeing an emerging trend to create separate decks for the owner of a yacht, which will intensify in the next few years. A penthouse on the water that may look a bit like an owner»'s cottage," says Dickie Bannenberg, son of John Bannenberg, legendary yacht designer and CEO of Bannenberg & Rowell, thus confirming one of the main trends: architecture is increasingly affecting the appearance of yachts.

This influence can be seen in recent projects of such coryphaei as Sir Norman Foster (Ocean Emerald) and Philippe Stark (Venus, A). Even Espen Oino, a Norwegian style builder with a strong track record (Serene, Al Said, Stella Maris), has a clear view on the subject: the shape and shape of the yacht will be increasingly influenced by coastal architecture and the automotive industry.

It is only natural that more and more professionals in these areas are being attracted to yacht design.

By the way, just the other day Italian shipyard «Sanlorenzo» announced that new generations of boats for them will be designed by the studio of Chris Bingle, designer of BMW.

According to Oino, the door was opened by John Bannenberg, who was the first designer to draw owners' attention to the fact that naval architecture can go beyond what is usual. Oino hopes that another step along this path will lead the industry to original solutions:

«It is hoped that multihulls and other less traditional hull forms will gain more acceptance among owners, as I personally think they can offer incredible platforms for truly interesting and at the same time energy efficient architecture».

It should be noted that such projects are already appearing - in December 2014, the Turkish studio Uldas Design presented the concept of a floating hotel made on a catamaran platform. So far the catamaran hotel exists only on paper, but the fact that the concept is custom-made by the interested client proves that not only innovative designers are looking in this direction.

The spirit of travel

Beach, sea, wind, light - these words emerge again and again in conversation with Giovanni Zuccon. The Elder of Yacht Design in Italy, responsible for the design of many of the Feretti Group's yachts, has always sought to connect life on board with the outside world. Even in his new 110-metre project he made the layout open, with balconies and sea views from every possible point. Zuccon has placed the superstructure so low that owners and their guests do not lose contact with the outside world, even on a yacht of this size.

Based on this trend, Peter van Heest sees the future of yacht design in the next: «We see a trend towards a carefree and safe environment that breaks down visible boundaries and allows owners and guests to see the scenery around them, both day and night. This will require a step forward in glass and lighting technology, and in the end we will come to an understanding of the essence of the journey».

On Savannah, which departed the slipway in early 2015, Feadship has brought the kingdom of Neptune as close to its guests as possible by installing panoramic windows to observe the underwater world. While real boats are gradually opening up to the world (underwater and above-water), no one is shy on paper, making the glazing area as large as possible, as in Facheris Design's 100m Maximus concept.

The Vripack team believes that a voyage into the natural world, which man can also make on land in industrialized countries - for example, through the revival of horticulture - is one of the main issues in the next few decades. The team of innovators from the Dutch town of Sneek speaks with one voice about the emergence of a new, promising generation of yacht owners who are familiar with marine traditions but have their own clear views on everything.

Marnix Hoekstra says: «We must focus on the requirement for openness in yacht projects for customers who want a deeply personal yet simple yacht. Once again, a yacht must be a safe haven where people can relax and disconnect from the high-tech digital world. The new reality will be the current trend towards escapism».

Where vegetables grow in the stern.

Here among the elite of world yacht design there is almost no disagreement: the «green glamour» factor will play an important role in the future of yachts. It doesn't matter if it's the owner's vision or hobby, or the desire to invest in a more politically «correct» project. Experienced yacht designer Martin Francis says:

«The price of oil and the emergence of new engines are likely to bring about the same change as the transition from steam engines to internal combustion engines in the past. Environmental and environmental requirements will also bring about changes. I think solid teak decks and flatbeds will go out of fashion in the same way that leopard skin»capes are now.

The same opinion is expressed by star Danish designer Timothy Jakob Jensen, who, in addition to his work for Gaggenau, B & O or Vertu, has boat design projects in his portfolio. Jensen, CEO of multinational company Jensen Studios and one of the most successful industrial designers in the world, says:

«In the future, intellectual prosperity will play an increasingly important role, which of course also requires a certain amount of public work, but no longer in the style of unbridled fun as before. A new generation of yacht owners will move away from the Las Vegas lifestyle and demonstrate their concern for the environment as a symbol of status».

According to MYS magazine.

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