Bart's Bash 2015: a regatta for friends

Bart's Bash 2015: a regatta for friends

Moscow honored Olympic champion Andrew Simpson.
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Bart's Bash - a unique race, it is held in different parts of the world on the same day, a day in memory of the Olympic champion Andrew Simpson, whom his comrades called «Bart» Simpson. Andrew tragically died in preparation for the «America»'s Cup. In memory of the talented yachtsman, his friends and colleagues organized a regatta, the idea of which was picked up all over the world.

The tradition started a year ago. Then the organizers took the matter seriously, immediately decided to enter the Guinness Book of Records in the category «of the longest race, held during the day on several water areas». In this regard, strict requirements were imposed on the organizers on the ground, says Ekaterina Skudina, in particular, among the mandatory conditions was GPS-tracking. Ekaterina Skudina and her company ProYachting organized Bart's Bash in Moscow both last season and this season. According to her, there were no strict conditions for the distance this year.

The regatta was held on September 20 in Royal Yacht Club - on the one hand, the guys were lucky - the weather was really summery, but the wind did not spoil the day. Nevertheless, two races were held. The fleet was diverse: «Optimists», «Lasers», «Missiles», Elliott and, of course, traditional for «ProYachting» Beneteau 25.

The main participants were children of Moscow sports sailing schools, who raced not only in their classes, but also mastered the big «Benitushki». The best team on Beneteau Platu 25 was «Youth of Moscow», the» first in «Elliot class was boat E1. The leader among «Optimists» was Georgy Petrichenko, Anastasia Redko and Varvara Bystrova were victorious in «Kadet», Pavel Otrepkin was victorious in «Laser», Alexander Gridin was the fastest in the «Rocket».

We hope that the ProYachting team will continue this good tradition next year as well.

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