8 Best Yachting Videos 2017

8 Best Yachting Videos 2017

The ups and downs, amazing rescues and amazing fails are all the highlights of this year (with video prudes).
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Meeting a whale

For the French yachtsman Quito Pavant, the ocean seemed tight when his boat ran into a whale at full speed during the Vendee Globe solo round-the-world race. The yacht lost the keel and began to gather water instantly. Pavant's only consolation could be the prize of the international Mirabaud competition, which he received for a video from aboard that recorded this tragic encounter with a giant mammal.

The Story of the «Black Pearl»

The launch, baptism and mast installation process on this year's coolest sailing project, the 106-metre Black Pearl, is captured in this video. As a bonus, comments from Extraordinary Yacht Captain Chris Gartner, Oceanco Head Marcel Oncenhaut, Owner's representative Derek Munro and Project Chief Engineer Richard Tatlow.

Team New Zealand Capsation

Pitchpol New Zealand in the «America»'s Cup can undoubtedly be called the capsation of the year. It was a moment that could easily cross out all plans for further participation of the team in the regatta. And we would have had a very different winner now, and a very different boat project for the next «America»'s Cup. If it wasn't for the tenacity of these guys and the coherence of their team.

First world championship in J-Class

The revival of beautiful «jackets», the classic «America»'s Cup. In 2017 the first world championship among these majestic boats was held. Six sloops (of which only one - the original boat built in 1933) competed against each other in Newport, where the J-class first debuted in 1930. The winner was Lionheart, a replica of the famous Endeavor II.

The flight of a 15-ton trimaran

When swallows fly low above the sea - it's to rain, when over the sea flying low huge trimarans - it's to new records. On video of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild Gitana-17 test, the world's largest hydrofoil trimaran. Each of its wings is 5 meters long and 3 meters wide! Power.

It's not a sail, it's a total trickery.

Video from field trials of a new technology - inflatable sails-wing. «It behaves like a muscle stabilized by high internal pressure», says the invention site. The control of such a sail can be fully automated, there is no need for winches, halyards and cables.
To reduce the sail area, part of the sail-wing can be deflated and the mast folded.

Unexpected help

In San Diego's Mishen Bay, a flyboarder saved an overturned catamaran. He simply climbed to the top of the mast and climbed up into the air with it, returning the catamaran to its normal position.

No experience, at least buy a vest.

A man in a motorboat flipped over off the coast of Florida trying to get to Jupiter Island. On his way to Jupiter Beach Park, he slowed down and got caught between two waves. The wave raised the stern of the boat and his nose burst into the water, causing the boat to turn over suspiciously easily and sank instantly. By some miracle, the boat's driver was not injured, but he was not wearing a lifeline. The man began to sink. Fortunately, his call for help was heard by 13-year-old surfer Sam Ruskin. Sam swam up to the drowning man and lent him his board so he could swim holding on to it. In the end, the man made it safely to shore. The videographer Kevin Cadby was in the vicinity. He videotaped the capsation and rescue of the victim with a drone.

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