Best Superyachts of 2018

Best Superyachts of 2018

World Superyacht Awards winners announced
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A yacht with an indoor padel tennis court, a yacht with a real wood-burning pizza oven, a yacht with a full hospital on board... The owners of the Neptune statue of the influential Boat International magazine are the most-most. This list is another confirmation of that.

The best refit

Built by Feadship in 2000 and considered one of the most beautiful and quiet superyachts in the shipyard's history, Broadwater carried home a statue of Neptune for best upgrade. In 7 months, the boat has been completely transformed. She received a new hull colouring, original interior design from Adam Voorhees with a hint of Asian flavour and a redesign that has increased the number of passenger cabins and outdoor areas.

The stairway is decorated with a mosaic of 1000 anodized aluminum plates reminiscent of omikuji - long thin strips of fortune-telling paper hung in Shinto temples in Japan.

On the main deck, on the place of the gym and part of the excessively inflated owner's suite there is an additional (sixth on the account) passenger cabin. The gym moved to the side deck, which had previously been used as a garage to store one of the tenders. An additional outdoor lounge area was organized behind the Captain's Bridge, thanks to an upgrade of the sheathing that hides the engine room ventilation system. It now accommodates a dining table for 12 people.

Better rearrangement.

The story of Genesia is that of Cinderella: from a commercial tugboat at sunset to an expeditionary superyacht thanks to the owner's persistence.

The Genesia had to be partially dismantled to transform itself: the entire interior, the entire engine room and even part of the structural elements of the case were removed.

Although still looking like a commercial boat, it now meets the owner's goals of having a boat that can walk everywhere from the lowest to the highest latitudes. The modern interior has been designed in the same practical spirit, with no «jewellery», but with everything necessary for comfortable accommodation on board.

Best support vessel

This is a new category of the World Superyacht Awards and its emergence is in line with the trend in the superyacht industry that has begun to emerge in recent years: more and more superyacht owners are seeking to explore the most remote places on earth. At the same time, they do not want to fall into gigantism, increasing the size of their yachts so that they can carry all the necessary supplies and equipment for long expeditions - after all, the larger the size of the vessel and its draft, the more places available for visiting. The solution is to limit the size of the main yacht and to use a support vessel to transport supplies and equipment. Three such yachts were nominated for the World Superyacht Awards. The winner was Damen's Game Changer for her ability to carry an impressive list of 4 tenders, 3 jet skis, 4 trailbikes, a helicopter and jet skis on her deck, as well as for having comfortable cabins and a fully equipped hospital on board.

The best sailing yacht from 30 to 50 meters.

The jury gave victory to this category of yacht, which won first place in its class at the Rolex Cup in September last year. The 32.6 metre Ribelle sloop from Vitters Shipyard impressed the judges not only with its performance, but also with its exceptional build quality and thoughtful deck layout. The judges particularly praised the high-tech solutions used to build Ribelle: its lifting keel and all-glass dome.

The best sailing yacht from 50 meters. Best Sailing Superyacht 2018

Three offshore cruisers of equal length - two sloops and one kech - were nominated in this category. Each of these yachts was worthy of winning, so the winner was identified through a thorough discussion. As a result, the statue of Neptune was awarded the carbon Pink Gin.

The owner wanted a yacht with excellent running characteristics and a minimum roll angle.

To meet this requirement, the designers have made the Pink Gin very lightweight for a cruising yacht with a displacement of only 250 tons.

The hull of the Pink Gin has two large openings - a platform for boarding and disembarking passengers from the port side and a balcony in the master cabin closer to the bow. They have added functionality to the interior space, but have made it much more difficult for naval architects.

The problem was solved brilliantly, however. With the 300-tonne load of the 68-metre mast, the hull deflection at the front and rear is only 76 mm. The small sail area helps the Pink Gin to show good speed even in low winds. In fresher wind conditions, it can reach 20 knots.

The best semi-displacement/planing double-deck motor yacht from 30 to 35 meters.

As a result of an anonymous vote in this category, the winner was Letani from Feadship. The owner intended to use the yacht for weekend coastal cruises, but wanted to be able to make longer voyages on it. He had an important little draft so he could anchor in shallow harbours.

The owner was actively involved in the work on the boat, and this is especially noticeable in its interiors, which create the atmosphere of a cozy floating house for a large family - with games for children, a TV corner and a «bistro»style dining room. The jury particularly appreciated the quality of the finish and assembly of Letani, its elaborate layout and its modern, manly appearance.

The best semi-displacement/planing double-deck motor yacht from 35 meters.

The winner in this category, MR. OH by Azimut/Benetti, offers the owner a little more than usual in this size. She has extensive open decks and two beach clubs instead of the standard one. The interiors have a quiet style, using free-standing furniture with no sharp corners and many curves. Not only MR guest areas are made at the highest level. OH, but also the crew cockpit and technical areas.

Best three-deck semi-displacement/planing motor yacht

Once again, the judges have favoured a yacht with a modern appearance and light, tranquil interiors. Neptune's 33m Custom Line Navetta 33 Telli has been awarded the Statue of Neptune. In creating this yacht, the designers set out to visually combine open and closed areas. To do this, the teak flooring on the aft deck continued smoothly behind the large, floor to ceiling glass sliding doors in the saloon. Thanks to the special design of the aft gate, the beach club also serves as a tender garage with easy access from the sea. Inside, special attention is paid to reducing noise and vibration levels.

Best Displacement Motor Yacht up to 500 BRT from 30 to 40 meters

Mulder Shipyard's Delta One, a 36-metre yacht, topped the list in this category. The judges found it well-balanced, with an attractive, masculine look and feel that is usually offered on larger yachts.
Among these features is a beach club with access from the main deck and a side garage that is large enough to accommodate a 6.25m Williams tender. There are two shaded dining areas and a large Jacuzzi on board, while the interior boasts large windows. Last but not least, the Delta One «consumes» only 73 litres per hour at 10 knots.

Best Displacement Motor Yacht up to 500 BRT from 40 meters and above

The Neptune statue in this category was awarded to Sanlorenzo Seven Sins, the first hull in the 52Steel semi-custom series. The owner literally fell in love with the elegant lines of this yacht when he first saw her as a project on a boat show and was not disappointed when he met her in reality. The judges were particularly impressed by her generous deck spaces with different relaxation areas both in the shade and in the sun. This is dominated by a huge glass-bottomed pool, through which light spills onto the beach club below.

And the beach club itself is of unusual design: it opens on three sides, has a call for tenders and spa area with sauna and hamam.

The way Sanlorenzo has cleverly managed to accommodate all these supermodern «features» in a 52 metre hull makes this yacht a unique offer in her size.

Best Displacement Motor Yacht 500 to 2000 BRT

The 73.4m Feadship Hasna took the lead on the podium in this category. The designers were challenged to create a fully packaged family yacht. In fact, she has countless outdoor seating areas, a Jacuzzi on a Sundeck, an 8m main deck pool, beach club and cinema. As always, Feadship has demonstrated high quality build and finish as well as uncompromising attention to detail.

Best Displacement Motor Yacht from 2000 BRT. Best Displacement Motor Yacht of 2018

The jury's choice in this category can hardly be called original: the 96.6-metre Feadship Faith has collected as many awards as possible and already has one Neptune statue in her collection - for interior design.

Numerous trumps Faith - opening on three sides of the beach club, a swimming pool with a 68 mm thick curved glass bottom and a waterfall, «soaring» stairs, double-sided fireplace in the cabin, a real wood-fired pizza oven on a sandwich and master suite with a ceiling height of 3 meters.

Best Moto Sailer

This category was created for one yacht - the community of Andrey Melnichenko Sailing Yacht A. The 142.8-meter yacht is equipped with three masts, which are even higher than Big Ben and carry the sails of the total area from the football field, but it would be wrong to classify it as a sailing yacht: despite the fact that the sails can be lifted at the touch of a button, they play an auxiliary role in the propulsion system A.

The main role is assigned to a diesel-electric propulsion system, which pulls a 14.2-tonne flywheel with a cruising speed of 18 knots. Each of the two diesel engines has a power of 4800 hp, and the power of two electric motors - 4300 kW / h. In every sense, Sailing Yacht A is amazing.

Jury members of World Superyacht Awards believe that in the future the category of motorcycle racers will gain popularity, so they created this new nomination with a scope for the future.

Special award

The special award was given to Aviva, the only yacht with a full size padel tennis court hidden inside. It took a great deal of imagination from the designers to satisfy this unusual wish of the owner (who, by the way, lives aboard Aviva all year round). It was necessary to pour 2 tons of special sand on the floor to make the lawn elastic, to cover the walls with special panels for good rebound, to think over noise insulation, heating and ventilation of this amazing «cabin». Among other things, the Aviva is very beautiful on the outside.

Traveler's Award

The owner of the 61-meter CRN Constance took his four children from school for 8 months to take them on a journey that changed their lives. The children, accompanied by two nannies, two teachers, a naturalist and 16 crew members, continued their education on board. They left Florida, visited the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, crossed the Panama Canal, went to Costa Rica, Galapagos, and passed through the islands of French Polynesia and Cook. They communicated with locals and observed the nature, got new hobbies, having tried and loved scuba diving, fishing, photography. The owner's eldest daughter recorded their adventures, and it was the beautifully designed ship magazine Constance that owes much of its victory.

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