The most interesting debuts of Monaco Yacht Show 2018

The most interesting debuts of Monaco Yacht Show 2018

A yacht museum, a shark yacht and a blade yacht.
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than we remembered the most luxurious boat show in the world.

Pride Mega Yachts Illusion Plus.

When a «Chinese yacht»is talked about, with fear and shudder you immediately remember the car brands Geely and Great Wall, which ineptly copy normal «»Europeans. As with Chinese cars, the largest boat ever built in China, the 88.5-meter Illusion Plus, does not strike outwardly, although its grey hull, white superstructure and bow with vertical stem set it apart from the crowd. The analogy with the automotive industry is all the more relevant as the Chinese called for specialists from British Rainsford Saunders Design who were inspired by Rolls-Royce cars to develop the exterior design.

Much more surprising is this yacht from the inside. An unreal amount of space! A huge two-level salon with balconies and ceiling heights that make you forget you are on board. Gym, beauty salon with hairdresser's and massage table, owner's own deck and king size office. There's also a regional oddity. Bathroom in the middle of the living room? Why not? In the VIP staterooms, she hides neatly behind the headboard. It is for the interiors that the boat was awarded the MYS Superyacht Awards

Launched just a month before the show, Illusion Plus arrived safely from China to Monaco on time.

Rossinavi Flying Dagger

«Flying blade» it is a flying blade, the name capaciously describes the appearance of this beautiful fast boat with a dashing wave on board. With three Kamewa «water jets, the blade» flies at 31 knots and on cruising 24 knots it shows a respectable range of 3300 miles.

The interior designers are the same as those who worked on Dolce & Gabbana. People who know what this means will immediately understand what it means to expect unconventional solutions. In the lower deck cabins the designers did not hide the shape of the hull behind the raised panels and built-in furniture, but used dark colors with gilded «scuffs in the wall decoration». The result is an unusual modern and minimalist interior that will not leave guests indifferent.

CRN Latona

Outside this 50 metre boat is a slightly refreshed version of the classic CRN Superconero line. But the non-standard pale turquoise hull colour makes it an eloquent indication that it is not so ordinary. Firstly, this boat is owned by two Italian families at a time. The head of one of them was very actively involved in the creation of Latona: it was he who insisted on turquoise paint on the outside and the «Liberty» style (Italian version of Art Nouveau) on the inside.

Flower ornaments, exquisite wooden furniture with many smoothly curved lines and silkscreen printing everywhere on this boat, on board of which you feel a little bit like in a museum. Latona has a huge beach club with a drive-in garage for the tender, which is used as a seawater pool when the tender is launched.

The owners were so eager to maximize the usable area of the beach club that it did not provide additional space for water toys. Do you see the round thing on the Sundeck in the photo above? This is a pantry, which was not originally provided for in the plan, and which the builders had to add at the last moment. Something you can't think of to satisfy all the wishes of a client.

Damen Power Play.

Damen support ships are inevitably successful. They are built «on spec» and do not stand idle for long without the owner. And they buy them not only as a storehouse of toys, tenders and provisions for the «mother» superyacht, but also as the main boat.

15 million euros - and a 55-meter boat, ready to go to the Transatlantic at least now, yours. And no need to wait a few years. Of course, the interiors inside Power Play are spartan compared to traditional super yachts, but the owners of Generation Y should like it.

Tankoa Solo.

The entrance to the main deck of the Solo is guarded by a large piece of chess horse, while inside guests are waited by an unusual selection of modern art - postmodern bronze works by sculptors Aidyn Zeinalov and Matteo Paglieze, paintings by Leon Bossum and much more.

For its HUG particulate filters that purify exhaust, a system of selective catalytic emission control that significantly reduces harmful emissions, and an emission monitoring system that allows the crew to choose the optimal mode of swimming, Solo received a «tower from the RINA» classifier - a notation Rina Green Plus Platinum.

Oceanco DAR.

The star of the Monaco Yacht Show, DAR has taken all the titles of the exhibition awards. Its unusual shark's appearance (the boat resembles a hammer shark) is emphasized by a mast in the form of a shark fin. Black color, a lot of tinted glass - behind this predatory appearance hides light calm interiors, the main theme of which is nature: flowers, birds feathers, fish and waves.

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