What to give a child with a passion for boats and everything to do with them?

What to give a child with a passion for boats and everything to do with them?

Got ideas for gifts for those who play boats and sea voyages instead of dolls and cars.
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In a family of boat fans, a child has almost no chance to grow up indifferent to the hobby of his parents, from the very early years preferring to play something floating, rather than riding, shooting, etc. And if your child is a yachtsman, though quite young, the boats are everything for him. Of course, a New Year's present for such children will wait for the appropriate one. We broke our heads for you and made a list of what Santa Claus should bring to small yachtsmen and sailors.

LEGO Theme Designer

Developing designer LEGO was and remains practically a win-win variant of a gift concerning and without for boys (girls - in less degree) of primary school age, and also a little bit older. The LEGO® Technic series also includes boats.

The most accessible model is a«two-in-one motorboat. From 174 parts we get an aerodynamic racing boat with a steering wheel, tinted windshield, decorated with red and black stickers that further emphasize the sportiness. The toy has wheels, and when you roll it, you can see how the screw rotates, drive the engine pistons. If you want to assemble something new, it can be easily transformed into a hydroplane.

Fans of sailing racing yachts will surely love a set inspired by the «America's Cup. The set consists of 330 elements, from which either a catamaran or a single hull can be assembled. The finished boat is characterized by a yellow and blue color scheme, a beautiful printed pattern on sails and a detailed hull. Equipment for steel: sails are turned by means of winches, steering feather is controlled by the steering wheel.

Perhaps the least likely to miss with a design gift from those who choose the LEGO® Creator 3 in 1 Marine Adventure«set, consisting of»597 parts.Firstly, the most luxurious yacht with a detailed salon; secondly, a jet ski, a tiny island and even a sand castle. If desired, all this beauty can be easily transformed into a cozy beach house with a berth and a boat or ... a flying helicopter with a landing pad and a control tower!


Having outgrown the designer, but not lost traction to the technics, eager to collect and disassemble constantly something, will certainly like a set for robotics the Boat on«a hovercraft 4M.

To develop creative and logical thinking of the child, to consolidate the passed in physics lessons can be both with parents, and independently, thanks to the fact that the set is absolutely safe. The set includes a base panel, airbag, arch, air duct, propeller, double-sided tape, motor with wires, screws, reusable glue and other necessary details. In addition, you will only need a Phillips screwdriver, which is sure to be in your father's toolbox. The boat«is powered by finger-operated» batteries.

The only thing you regret is the impossibility to let the result of the work of the stunned«handles into the» water - the motor does not tolerate moisture.

Computer games

In spite of the fact that modern children already spend a lot of time at the computer, it would be wrong not to advise the simulator Sailaway from our side. It is positioned by the developers as the best yacht simulator and, importantly, has very modest system requirements.

By putting the toy in the basket and installing it on your PC, the child can walk on the seas and oceans on the Net without getting up from the chair. We are sure that parents themselves will enjoy this fun as much as they do, because everything here is grown up: in-depth study of weather conditions, winds and currents, the option to adjust the sails, a lot of carefully recreated boats and even the changing color of the water - this is enough functionality to consider the game is not easy.as a great way to spend your leisure time, but also to help you hone your basic skills of sailing a racing yacht, teaching basic tactical techniques with the aim of participating in the future in real regattas.

Board games

The board games are back in fashion. Adventure on the lighthouse»will help «to speed up cold winter evenings with the family. In the plot «of the board lighthouse» lonely keeper was returning to his post, when suddenly a fierce storm began. Raging waves sank his ship with supplies. Fortunately, the lighthouse keeper miraculously remained alive when he reached the small rock. Four boats went to his aid, competing with each other. The aim was to get the keeper back to the island with the lighthouse as soon as possible. In the box you will find the playing field, boats, lighthouse, lighthouse keeper's figure and chips.

Radio-controlled models

A great present with a scope for the summer - a radio-controlled boat. Such as this R/C MasterCraft® USB Boat from New Bright.

The boat with 6V battery, even if not all, looks like a reduced copy of Mastercraft XT23 bowrider. The model is made mostly of plastic, but there are also metal elements.

Or here is the R/C Sea Ray® Boat of the same company. Practically a clone of one of the sport cruisers of the Sundancer line from Sea Ray shipyard.

These boats are able to reach quite decent speeds, so they need to be launched in water bodies.

For sail lovers, there is a wide range of radio-controlled models - from simple for beginners to complex mini-analogs of the America's Cup boats, with and without an«engine»(the latter are driven exclusively by the wind). Having got the similar, it is possible even to declare on start of any race of radio-controlled boats: to take at least Ostankino children's regatta in which frameworks such tournament is organized.

In particular, Thunder Tiger offers interesting little twins for China Team and Emirates Team New Zealand yachts. One is the first Chinese flagged yacht in the history of the America«'s Cup competition and the»other has won the competition many times - the previous time the summit was in 2017. Both models are one meter long, weighing 3.5 kg and are officially licensed. Hulls are made of fibreglass, light and rigid masts and booms are made of extruded aluminum, with strong sails.

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