Builder Linssen

Netherlands, Maastricht

Linssen Yachts B.V.

Brouwersstraat 17, NL-6051 AA

The brand Linssen produces displacement yachts and steel yachts. There are 22 models currently in production ranging from 9 to 17 meters. The current model range includes 2 lines: Grand Sturdy and SL. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Linssen and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Linssen Model Range

Grand Sturdy
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The history of the company

Linssen Yachts, one of the oldest shipyards in the Netherlands, was founded by Jac Linssen in 1949. After the war, there were many damaged ships that needed repairs, which led to increased demand for ship services, and there was a general shortage of boats for cargo and other work. Using this opportunity as a launch, the newly constructed shipyard began building inland watercraft.

Gradually, the shipyard has moved from building working boats to pleasure boats. The first models for the private market were based on dredging boats. For more than half a century, modern yachts have retained their classic style - smooth rims, massive steel hull, angular superstructure shapes and high ceilings.


Today, the third generation of the Linssen family runs the company.


The shipyard has two production facilities, in Masbracht and Echt. The total area of the shipyards is more than 45,000 sq.m., where 30-35 boats are being built simultaneously. The owners are committed to the old traditions and many processes are done by hand. At the same time Linssen invests heavily in the introduction of modern equipment, such as CNC manufacturing technology.

Model range

The shipyard's model range includes two lines - Grand Sturdy and Variotop. These are displacement boats with steel hull from 9 to 17 meters long. The Variotop range is famous for its patented folding roof, which allows you to create a semi-closed salon or turn the top and get an open deckhouse, combined with the terrace.


Unlike other manufacturers, the Linssen shipyard did not shut down production in the Netherlands or move it to Eastern European countries. The company is convinced that such measures will lead to a loss of quality and logistical problems. This is certainly reflected in the price, but the company's boats are attracted by their low maintenance costs and high residual value.

Discontinued Models

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