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Cor De Rover, Studio founder
I'm trying to rediscover something that never existed.
Cor De Rover
Studio founder

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Brand History

Prior to opening his own design studio, Cor D. Rover worked in the United States.Mulder Designand did several projects with Frank Mulder. At that time they were involved in the construction of such famous yachts as Octopussy and Moonraker. Having gone on a separate voyage, Kor with the studio named after him has achieved no less success, and in 20 years has made his name a world famous brand.


Cor D. Rover's projects include both timeless classics and hi-tech design. What remains constant is the use of modern technology and the latest developments in shipbuilding. The studio also pays special attention to environmental issues and tries to reduce the negative impact on nature by creating eco-friendly boats.

Specialty .

The company offers interior and exterior design services for relatively small production boats, semi-custom projects and superyachts. In addition, the studio has developed the boat Tender 28, which is produced under the brand name Cor D. Rover in the Netherlands.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio designed serial models for Azimut, the latest «beach series» for Wim van der Valk and Jetten. The company has also been involved in the design of Mondomarine superyachts for a long time and has done several projects for Horizon and other shipyards.

Landmark projects

In 2017 Benetti launched the first superyacht with an exterior design by Cor D. Rover. The start of the partnership proved to be quite successful, the boat Seasense was included in the list of finalists from the leading yachting edition Boat International.


The backbone of the studio is six experienced designers, including Cora D. Rover himself. The founder does not give up and still remains not just a manager, but the main ideological inspirer, who plunges into each project.

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