Paolo Caliari

Paolo Cagliari, Studio founder
It's hard to say in the end how much a boat is worth... How do you evaluate the feelings and emotions it evokes?
Paolo Cagliari
Studio founder

Designer description Paolo Caliari

The history of the brand

Paolo Caliari, born in 1932, was one of the founding fathers of modern yacht design and the man who embodied the phrase «Made in Italy». He had a significant influence on the development of the Mediterranean style, and his work has been studied and is still being studied by new generations of shipbuilders and designers.


Paolo approached his work with passion, sometimes not knowing, but feeling that this was the way it should be. He liked to experiment and look for new solutions to old problems with functionality, performance, etc..

Speciality .

Around the 60's to 80's Paolo Caliari studio was engaged in small boats, sports boats, as well as the design of ships in the style of militarism. In the 80s, on the wave of growing demand for superyachts, the company switched to a new direction. That's when Paolo started designing expedition boats, retaining his love of sports yachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

Paolo worked with Arno, Mochi, CNL, Admiral in the segment of semi-deck boats up to 30 meters. As a rule, it's Italian for elegant speedboats. The larger models are built in partnership with Turquoise, Esterel, Heesen and others.

Landmark projects

As an example of bold design solutions Paolo Caliari can be cited 54-meter Chayka 2009 (former name Sirius). The designers emphasized that an explorer does not have to look formidable and have created elegant exteriors with plenty of open spaces and round hatches on deck.

Team .

Paolo led many famous designers - Aldo Cichero, Andrea Bacigalupo, Anna & Franco Della Rolle and of course the architect's son, Pier Caliari. Soon after Paolo died in 2014, the studio was closed.