A boat carrying pensioners rammed the airport pier

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Last Sunday, a boat about 28 feet long crashed into the pier at LaGuardia Airport, where only service vessels are allowed to use the waters.

The collision could have had dire consequences, including damage to the landing lights, but LaGuardia security was unable to deal with the incident on its own. Patrol boats were already at the dock and security had to call NYPD.

Police officers who arrived on the scene found that the boat did not belong to terrorists or even intruders.

The 1981 vessel was being steered by 51-year-old captain Craig Gallo. A retired couple, James Benenato and Mary Ann Belson, 60, were also on board.

Law enforcement officers were able to find out that the people on the boat were having fun and consuming alcohol. Also, according to an unnamed source, «the trio» were using the boat for extravagant lovemaking and no one was at the helm at the time of the collision.

The captain was charged with driving the vessel while intoxicated. The degree of culpability of the passengers is being investigated.

The incident caused a public outcry: residents of the city were concerned about LaGuardia's security service - it was not difficult to get into the airport, and the local police could not apprehend the offenders without outside help.

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