Journey from Moscow to Madagascar in a rubber boat ended in arrest

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Moscow admen Artem Kirakozov and Alexander Panov, who set off in a rubber boat from Moscow to Madagascar on 9 April, returned home on 17 May. The adventurers managed to overcome 5 thousand kilometers and reach Cairo, where they were arrested by the local authorities for lack of entry stamps and after an eight-day stay in a pre-trial detention cell at Cairo International Airport were deported to Moscow.

Artyom Kirakozov and Alexander Panov set sail for Madagascar on a 6-metre inflatable rubber boat, «Ognegon», with a 60-horsepower Yamaha outboard motor.

According to the rules, it is forbidden to put out in such a craft more than 2.5 km from the shore. «But extreme tourists have managed to cross five seas - the Sea of Azov, the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea on» with no previous experience in boat operation.

Meanwhile, the largest seas (the Black Sea and the Mediterranean) had to be crossed in the middle, out of reach of the shores in order to reach the African continent in time. The travelers crossed the Black Sea by night and the Mediterranean by a leaky boat.

In all, of the thirty days allotted to the route, ten were spent in repairing the vessel. In addition to technical problems, travelers were hampered by lower than expected speed of the boat: instead of the planned 60 km / h it went maximum 30 km / h.

On their return to Moscow, the extremists, who had limited «the Ministry of Stupidity», decided to complete their trip to Madagascar via Somalia on jet skis. They are now looking for technical sponsors for the adventure.

«Fool's Travel Ministry» was founded by two friends, Artem Kirakozov (Tele2) and Alexander Panov (Kapibara advertising agency), in November 2014. They choose a silly and dangerous route and transport for their journeys. Coverage of all trips takes place on facebook-group and on youtube-channel.

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