«Spacecomb» by Benetti

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One of the first highlights of this year's Monaco Yacht Show is the 77-metre megayacht Se77antasette by . Benetti.

The Se77antasette, whose name reads «settanta sette» or «seventy-seven», translated from Italian, was conceived by the world famous designer Fernando Romero.

In a departure from boring strictly horizontal arrangement of decks, Fernando has created a revolutionary design, in which different levels of the yacht smoothly and harmoniously connect to each other.

The aerospace engineers were recruited to conceal the satellite dishes inside the glass dome, so they would not interfere with the streamlined exterior.

Although the designer himself says he drew inspiration from nautical imagery, «Seventy-seven» looks a lot like a honeycomb of giant space bees.

There's generous use of panoramic glazing aboard, including an observatory on the upper deck whose vaulted ceiling can be used as an augmented reality screen, exploring the starry sky.

More than a third of the main deck is dedicated to the owner. She has a 100 m² cabin, a white marble bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, a 140 m² private terrace and a pool that can be transformed into a helipad.

In addition she will have 6 en-suite guest cabins and accommodation for 19 crew members.

Another very impressive feature is the space in the central area of the boat which connects the second and the third decks. It is conceived to be used as a party room, a nightclub and even a theatre.

The lower deck features a spa area with swimming pool and gym. It can be easily converted from a private chill out area to a large terrace with a stunning sea view via the Hydrofoamer Swimming Platforms.

The megayacht will be equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric setup with five Caterpillar generators in tandem with two pairs of counter-rotating propellers powered by permanent magnet motors that will give the vessel a range of 5,000 miles at 12 knots and a top speed of 16 knots.

In addition to Se77antasette, the Italian yard is currently working on the 63m Fb 276 to be launched next year.

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