First test of the Princess speedboat developed with Ben Ainslie Racing

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Motorboat & Yachting was able to get the first look at the fastest boat in Princess history - the R35 50 knot speedboat, co-designed with Ben Ainslie Racing and armed with foils.

The boat still hides its appearance under camouflage, which doesn't prevent you from trying it out in action.

In addition to a pair of Volvo Penta V8 engines with tilt-up columns, the boat has two retractable swivel T-shaped foils.

These don't quite work like traditional hydrofoils - you can't lift the boat completely out of the water, only raise the stern. Nevertheless, this trick allows you to increase the hull efficiency by 30% (compared to traditional V-shaped hulls).

The boat you see in the video is a prototype. The team controls the angle of the foils with a tablet, thereby adapting the boat to the weather conditions.

«This is what comes out when a production recreational boat builder joins forces with America's Cup racing yacht engineers»:

By the way, all of the R35 hulls scheduled for production this year have already been sold.

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