Mexican José Ivan, who had been adrift on a boat for over a year, was rescued

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As the respected British newspapers say, a scenario familiar to us from Hollywood movies played out in the Pacific Ocean. A small boat had docked on an atoll in the Marshall Islands and found an emaciated Mexican man who had been at sea for more than a year. Earlier it was reported that his wanderings lasted 16 months, but it was later reduced to 13.

According to Jose Ivan, along with a companion he went shark hunting on December 25, 2012. They set sail from Mexico in a 24-foot fiberglass boat, which soon began having engine problems and was carried into the ocean. The fishermen failed to attract the attention of passing vessels. Jose Ivan's companion died on the high seas months before the boat was discovered.

Jose himself says that he still doesn't understand where he is, he desperately wants to go home and even jokes that if someone drops him off in Mexico, his boss will pay.

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