Royal Huisman has shown renders of the Lotus project - a combo of a sailing boat and a motorboat complementing each other

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The first concept sketches of the intriguing Lotus project from Dutch yard RoyalHuisman, design studio ThirtyC design and Dykstra NavalArchitects wereThe two boats, an 88-metre DynaRig rigged sailboat and a 70-metre motor yacht, havebeendescribed as the «solution for those who can't decide between a sail or a motor.». In fact, however, nothing more was known about the project at the time. TheMonaco show was looming and Royal Huisman clearly did not want to give away any information at that time.

Now, when MYS is behind us and official presentation of Lotus has taken place, details about the project can be revealed.

«Lotus is not a sailboat with a support boat. Lotus is a concept where two boats are conceived, built and used as fully integrated with each other to provide the most versatile superyacht experience for owners and their guests in the superyacht industry. The 70m Explorer motor yacht is the 'half' of Lotus, but this is where together the two halves form much more than just a single entity. The two boats will always be in contact, always focused on optimum logistics and optimum service for owners and guests»," says Royal Huisman.

The Lotus project promises to be one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

«This will have an impact on sustainability - both boats will be made as green as possible» in all aspects where possible. In particular, both sailboats will have the latest generation of solar panels installed in their masts and their clever energy generation, storage and control system will minimise fuel usage so that they can even leave the dock without running the engine.

Both boats will be built in Alustar A5 aluminium with special technology invented at Royal Huisman. This will make the hulls strong, light and durable.


With water toys and related equipment placed on the motor yacht, the sail deck will be uncluttered and the flybridge, sandbox, beach club and main saloon will be more spacious than usual.

Only two tenders will be left on the sailboat, which will be hidden under the foredeck.

One of the walls of this small garage will be adjacent to the pool. If the sun seems too strong, a sun shade can be provided on the lower pole on the end of the foresail set at the other end of the pool, so that the pool will be in shadow.

Those guests who prefer the sea to the pool will be able to access the aft beach club directly from their cabin. The access to the Beach Club will be provided between the stairs leading up to the main deck. And on the way you will be able to stop by the spa.

Almost all guests will have such an opportunity. The yacht will feature a total of 9 guest bedrooms, including the master suite. All of them will be located on the lower deck. Two of them will be forward and separated from the rest by an engine room. The forward part of the lower deck will contain 6 crew cabins.

The dining area below the main deck will be sheltered from the sun, wind and spray. And for parties, the table will be able to be unfolded.«A second dining area will be located on» on the top deck above this one and will be perfect for dinners under the stars. A third dining area will be found inside the superstructure.

The highlight of the salon will be a round skylight in the upper deck that will give light to the lotus table. The idea for the interior details was entrusted to the British studio DKT Artworks. The interior design is supposed to create a feeling of tranquility and curiosity at the same time.

The two tall masts will remind those boarding the ship of the ancient clipper ships that once conquered the seas. However, thanks to the DynaRig system, there is no longer a need for a large team of brave sailors on board who, often risking their lives, would do the hard work with the sails at altitude. Now the control is done from the deck: just press the right button and the sails will appear and the masts will turn with them in the right direction.

Moreover, the lower foresail will be a part of the multimedia system integrated in the superstructure. The equipment will allow for 15×9m projection.

The speakers located all around will create a surround sound effect that will surround the audience on all sides. Virtually the entire Upper Deck will become the Auditorium of this Open Air Cinema.

Motor Yacht

«Explorer can act as a base boat during a regatta, or as a standalone boat for a group of guests who want to get away to explore a navigable river while others enjoy a day of sailing», the Royal Huisman suggest.

On board will be everything you need to explore the area: tenders, a hangar and a landing pad for a helicopter (you can refuel it here), cars ... even a bathyscaphe if you wish.

There will be 400 square metres for storage of all that equipment.

The accommodation conditions for guests and crews will be no worse than those of the sailing boat.

During the big voyage, the motorboat can accommodate those who need to stay safe, such as pilots and doctors. There will be one master cabin and 4 guest cabins. In addition, 18 crew members will live here.

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