82-year-old sailor rammed into a sailing club

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A former member of the British Navy, Captain Clifford Cogie has been arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a sailing club. The 82-year-old yachtsman crashed his car into the wall of the building. The violent impact was followed by an explosion and widespread combustion.

Witnesses say the car drove straight at the house, at about 70 miles per hour. In doing so, the driver made no attempt to avoid the collision.

The troublemaker is now in the hospital (he sustained minor injuries). He will be charged after the circumstances are clarified. There were no casualties, but the building has been severely damaged and will require repairs.

The damaged Emsforth Yacht Club was built in the early 1800s, then restored several times and got its current appearance in 1919. The facility has recently been completely refurbished and opened its doors to those who enjoy sailing. There are currently over a thousand members.

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