Southern Spars released «series» about the design of the 59.7-metre Royal Huisman sailing ship

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Southern Spars sail spars manufacturer has recorded and uploaded to Youtube short interviews of designer Malcolm McKeon, Head of Superyacht Sales atSouthern Spars'Paul MacDonald and boat owner Gregory Monks ' representative about the work on the 59.7-metre sailboat, which Royal Huisman claims will redefine the sailboat concept. In total, the timing of the four clips was 8.5 minutes.

«It should be noted that since the Dutch yard Royal Huismanannounced the construction of a high-speed sailing ship» earlier this year, it has managed to change its name from Project 404 to MM597. The two letters «M» in the name are the initials Malcolm McKeown and the numbers, as it's not hard to guess, are the length of the sailing boat.

The first to speak about the project is the designer himself. According to him, the collaboration with Southern Spars and sailmaker North Sails significantly accelerated the pace of development. One of the benefits was the ability to use the experience accumulated by the companies to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of sailing equipment.

The second part was given to Paul McDonald. He spoke in more detail about the features of the high-molecular-weight carbon spars that would be used on MM597.

The third speaker was Gregory Monks. He talked about how important it is for the future owner of the boat to have the best technology in the world.

In the fourth video each of the participants had an opportunity to elaborate on his idea a little bit more.

When the project is completed (tentatively in 2022) MM597 will be the largest boat designed by Malcolm McKeown.

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