The most anticipated sailing yachts of 2021
Reviews and test drives

The most anticipated sailing yachts of 2021

Five of the newest monohulls, two catamarans and one very secret model
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We have talked about new small and large motor yachts, now it's the turn of sailing yachts. In the final part of the premieres of 2021 we will tell you what new monohulls and catamarans will appear on the market.


Bavaria C38

The first world premieres of the year are traditionally held during the world's biggest pavilion show, the January boot Düsseldorf in Germany. However, in 2021, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the show, and with it the presentations of new models, was moved to April. This was also the case for this 11.38m German sailboat.

The Bavaria Yachts team and Italian Cossutti Yacht Design have focused on two objectives: to make the C38 easy to handle and to raise her performance levels to a level above average for this class. With the stern cheekbones and V shapebow, the waterline has been extended to 10.28 metres, increasing her stability and handling, and with a much wider stern, the aft cabin area has been enlarged.

The yacht is very spacious compared to her competitors with enough space for three cabins and two WCs below deck.

The dining table in the saloon can seat up to eight people, which is the number of people that can be onboard during a trip to the ocean.

On the waterfront, the number of passengers can be nearly doubled to 14.

As for the yacht's sailing deck, in addition to the 46-meter mainsail and 35-metergenoa, she also includes «Code Zero» with an area of 70 m² and a 130 m² gennaker, which allow maximum speed on a full-course. Lavage is greatly facilitated by the self-flipping jib, which is included as standard. In addition, the basic equipment set also includes an achterstag and a tensioner for it, which allows to adjust the position ofthe 18,-7-metermast with two kraspils.

Hallberg-Rassy 50

«The first» release of this 15.23m ocean cruiser has also been postponed from January to April, along with the Düsseldorf show. Nevertheless serious fans of the Swedish shipyard can already enjoy the show in the company's own sheds.

The key features of this yacht are ease of handling, comfort and plenty of storage space.

Ease of steering is, first of all, due to a lightweight carbon mast with a built-in twist (included as standard!), which will tower almost 25 meters above the water. The design of the mast and sails is designed to reduce roll, which will make the boat more manageable. Besides, she will perform better on sharp courses.

It is expected that Hallberg-Rassy50 will be less susceptible to pitching even in rough seas. The forward underwater part of the hull is rounded like an egg so that the water flows around the hull at any angle of heel.

On the comfort side, it is worth mentioning the well-protected cockpit, recessed into the deck and surrounded by a high coaming. The cockpit is shielded from the weather by a windscreen and a folding bimini top.

The helm stations are positioned to give the helmsman the best view while mooring and when sailing to keep an eye on the headsail.


One of the first new launches of the year will be the unveiling of a new 17.25-metresailboat by the Danish shipyard X-Yachts . Although the first hull was launched in November 2020, the model will not be presented to the general public until January 16.

The company describes this boat as a «yacht that has been designed with serious cruising in mind, whether crossing the Atlantic or exploring the beautiful Mediterranean islands». With the increased stability of the X56, there will be no need for the crew to be constantly on edge, they will feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and more secure. In short, safer.

The interior is designed in a laconic Scandinavian style. The focus is on practicality and functionality.

Natural materials (oak, teak, walnut) and light grey-beige tones prevail in the cabins and saloon. Owners can choose from a total of 10 textile options.

As for the layout, 8 options are available with a varying number of bathrooms and configurations of salon, galley and forward guest staterooms.

The number of guest cabins remains unchanged (three; double) and the presence of a forward crew cabin.

The glass doors in the foredeck and the oblong windows in the sides will allow the sunlight to enter the staterooms from all sides. Furthermore, this will facilitate the ventilation of the cabins.

Jeanneau Yachts 60

«Many yachts pride themselves on their» heirloom exterior features that allow them to be unmistakably recognized by their lineup. The 18.28-metre Jeanneau Yachts 60, which will also have its world premiere during the exhibition in Düsseldorf, is not one of them.

On the contraryPhilippe Briand andAndrewWinch stress that the model is different and is an example «of design aimed at giving yachtsmen a unique feeling of unity with the sea». You can bet they succeeded. The spacious split-level deck, open Mediterranean cockpit... It would be hard to imagine from the renderings that anything would make it difficult to enjoy the wind and sea.

Below deck there is a modular interior which gives room for customisation.

The Jeanneau 60 can accommodate up to six (!) double cabins.

Three cabin layouts are available, each with 2-3 options for saloon and forward cabin.

One thing will remain unchanged: plenty of sunlight.

ClubSwan 80

The reasons behind the introduction of the ClubSwan 80 24.7m maxi monotype, the first of which will be launched this year, can be briefly summed up in two phrases: «because we can» and«because we deserve it».

«The ClubSwan 80 project was born for two reasons. Firstly, it is obvious that our lineup deserves a new yacht of this type. And secondly,in the world of maxi yachts, we see a niche for a yacht with significantly improved performance, which will fill an existing gap in the regattas, and the technical possibilities to create such a boat», explains Enrico Chieffi, Vice President of Nautor Group .

ClubSwan 80 will get the same C-shaped foil as the 10.5m ClubSwan 36, which appeared in 2018.

The maxi yacht has been developed by the Finnish shipyard in collaboration with Persico Marine, the company supplying fixtures for the 23-metre yachts participating in « the next America's Cup», AC75.

So ClubSwan 80 can in a sense be considered «AC75 for mere mortals».

The sloping 4.75m keel will allow the yacht to avoid serious restrictions when entering marinas.

The low draft and long removable bowsprit will transform ClubSwan 80 «into a monster» at full throttle, a performance she will prove during the Maxi Rolex Cup in September 2022 with at least three new boats on the water.

With 440m² of sail, these racing bolides will feature two to three double cabins with en-suite bathrooms, a galley and dining area below deck. The ClubSwan 80 will also race in long distance offshore regattas.


Leopard 42

One of the world premieres at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2021 was to be this 12.67mcatamaran from South Africa. However the show was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Where and when the model can be seen live instead of in Miami is not yet known.

In terms of design the Leopard 42 has adopted a lot from the Leopard 50. The new catamaran has the same elongated windows that occupy most of both sides, the same elongated roof and the lounge area above the saloon. The model has also borrowed the Leopard 53 Powercat, bringing the luxurious elegance of a motor yacht to the interior of the sailboat.

Above the saloon on the port side, a glass hatch is made in the roof. Its position is ideal for enjoying the sun and the sky while dining.

It is the perfect complement to the panoramic glazing of the superstructure.

The catamaran hulls are designed for 3 or 4 double cabins.

Each has its own spacious bathroom with shower, something not always found on catamarans of this size.

The bed in each cabin is set at «island» so you can approach it from both sides.

Fountaine Pajot New 51

Technically this 15.84m cruising catamaran sailing yacht fromFrance should be in the mix for 2022. The first hull is not due to be launched for another year. But there's nothing to stop you considering«a new step in the evolution of the Fountaine Pajot» now, is there?

The New 51 will distinguish itself from other Fountaine Pajot yachts with an updated and improved deck layout. Moving between areas will be easier and safer. The saloon and galley will flow seamlessly into the cockpit. The interior and exterior spaces will be separated only by the full sliding glass doors.

The freedom of movement is especially important considering that only the onboard sleeping accommodation capacity is for 12 guests. Without an overnight stay, of course, even more people could gather on board.

This would be the first catamaran of this size on the market with such habitability.

The other extreme is to occupy 2/3 of each hull with a master cabin. Half of the cabin will be taken by the separate bathroom and closet of considerable size. The rest of the cabin space in the fore of each hull could be occupied by one more double cabin with a small bathroom.

This too is a Fountaine Pajot layout. It is also a first in this segment.

Finally, the left body can be divided into a master cabin with the right body divided into three small double cabins.

Furthermore, the roof of the catamaran hosts so many solar panels that, in favorable conditions, they can generate up to 2,000 watts of electricity.

This is 5 times more than other solar-powered yachts on the market.

The designers didn't have to give up the flybridge and bow recreation areas.

Swan Shadow

The biggest mystery on the list of upcoming launches is the «Swan Shadow project». Only 2 things can be certain about this mystery boat: she will be roomy and really fast. The intriguing promos of Nautor's Swan give us 55 knots but nothing more.

We can't even say for sure if the Finnish shipyard is going to follow the example of X-Yachts in building a motoryacht.

Afterall, motor yachts are usually used as «shadows»- support vessels for superyachts. Perhaps that's what the name of the project alludes to?

Fortunately we don't have long to guess. Swan Shadow is due to be unveiled on January 15.

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