On Sunday the Poltava shipyard «» will play «Music of old ships»

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On Sunday, July 20, a concert of the Admiralty Orchestra of the Leningrad Naval Base will be held at the shipyard «Poltava». The oldest orchestra of the Russian Navy will present to the public a program «Music of old ships».

The program will include naval marches. In addition to well-known compositions (such as «Varyag» and «St George's Banner»), quite rare ones will also be performed.

In addition, some pieces of music will be performed for the first time. These include «Standart», «ship "Emperor Nicholas I"», «Aurora».

The concert will coincide with the Day of the Navy. Address of the event: The shipyard of historical shipbuilding «Poltava», the city of St. Petersburg, the village of Lakhta. The program starts at 17 o'clock. The cost of the entrance ticket - 500-800 rubles.

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