Top five cool yacht brands you haven't heard of.

Top five cool yacht brands you haven't heard of.

We made a selection of the freshest shipyards that are not even a year old. But they do have the potential

In 2019, several fresh brands were introduced to the yachting industry. We have made a selection of the most interesting new names. Everyone has successfully passed the crown» «test and is preparing their first-born children to enter the crowd (or already have ready built hulls).

Voltaire Yachts

I only want to hear three words from you: a beautiful electric catamaran. Voltaire Yachts haipanuli has introduced a 10 meter electric catamaran that looks like a spaceship from the future. The CE B-certified catamaran can go up to 100 miles at 9 knots. And this is exclusively on two Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motors paired with BMW i3 batteries, which have a 9-year warranty.

Click here to read a short history of the shipyard and see photos/specifications of its first model. The shipyard has been taking orders for catamarans since July with delivery scheduled for 2021.

Saxdor Yachts

Sakari Matilla has created Axopar, Paragon, Aquador and XO, but with success he is bored. Immediately he founded another new yacht brand. The slogan of Saxdor Yachts is cool and (relatively) cheap. The cost of the pilot model - 6-meter boat Saxdor 200 Sport - starts from 22 euros per boat with 100 hp engine (engine included in the price). This stylish and fast boat has an older brother a little more than 10 meters long with a caddy cabin and sliding boards cost from 88 thousand euros.

Here you can find out more about the shipyard and see its full range of models.


The history of the Cetera brand began when renowned Italian designer Francesco Guido brought the project of an unusual 60-foot yacht to the Fiart Mare shipyard based in Bayeux. The project was so unusual that they decided to create a new yacht brand for it.

The peculiarity of the Cetera 60 is its layout. All cabins are on the main deck and all technical areas are on the lower deck, thus solving the problem of noise, odour and vibration that haunt the residents of the passenger cabins on the lower deck, where all living areas except for the master suite are usually carried out.

On the main deck you can see first of all the atrium with stairs and doors to the cabins, and only after walking down the corridor, closer to the bow, is the saloon with access to the open deck of a rather unusual (for bow) semicircular shape. This is despite the fact that the bow itself looks quite traditional (and in general the yacht has an ordinary flybridge hull). The dining room, galley and control station are on the upper deck with electrically operated glasses that allow for the transformation of the yacht from closed to open.

Read about Cetera and leave a request for her only yacht here.

Sichterman Yachts

WJH Yachtservice built traditional Dutch sailing barges like Lemsteraak until Bart Reyee came to see their business. Word for word, he lit up the idea of building luxury motor yachts with management. He attracted famous designers from Van Oossanen and Cor D. Rover, and here she is - a range of luxury aluminum yachts from 15 to 26 meters, softly referring to the tradition of Dutch yachtbuilding. But also very modern and fashionable.

Here you can read about the shipyard, and here you can read about her current flagship.


It is a new and already very active brand of the founder of Zeelander, Sitse Copmans, an ardent yachtsman and sailor. Dutchcraft builds very utilitarian, versatile boats of good quality with wide transformation possibilities. Her semi-displacement Dutchcraft 56 is for you and the family cruiser, where in four cabins eight people will fit, and if you count with extra berths in the boat.all twelve cabins (ideal for charter), and a spacious tender for a large motherboat (speeds up to 1,000 feet).40 knots with a draft of 0.75 meters), and a compact Explorer (750 miles of power reserve in the economy«version, also quite attractive 500 in the» standard version), andeven a support vessel, in which countless handcuffs fit a lot of equipment, and on the bathing platform fit even a submarine U-Boat.

At Boot Dusseldorf earlier this year, Dutchcraft showed an electric baby DC 25: in this unusual tender, all seats are driven on rails along the deck. They can be completely removed and installed in different numbers and positions. The DC 25 also has a folding bow, which acts as a gangway.

More details about Dutchcraft and her yachts here.

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