The results of the Russian Open Sailing Championship are summed up


Russian Open Sailing Championship in sailing classes «Optimist», «Cadet» and «Zoom8» ended in St. Petersburg. The leader in the class «Optimist» among girls was Zoya Novikova, and among boys - Sergey Vorobyov. In the class «Zoom8» Daniel Usachev took the lead, and in the class «Cadet» - Ilya Gaidayenko and Taras Zhigalov.

According to the results of races was raffled off a special team prize - the best school of championship. The prize was awarded to DSPK «Rautu», St. Petersburg.

In total there were about 300 young athletes born between 1999-2005 years. The boys represented Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow region, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk regions, Samara and Volgograd regions, Primorsk region as well as other regions.