Prepare the sledge in summer and the kite in winter

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At the General Assembly of the International Sailing Federation held in November 2018 it was decided to include kitesurfing for the first time in the Summer Olympics. Russian young athletes took this news with enthusiasm and, although the competition in Paris isstill five years away, immediately began preparations.

But what can you do when your home country is far away from the south and at home everything is snowed in for half a year? To help juniors came snowkiting.

«The youngest athletes now have a chance to start winter kiteboarding, and then switch to summer at a much earlier age than it was possible before», - explains Ivan Petrov, the coach of«Sailing Academy».

And to make training more interesting it is possible to arrange local competitions! Moreover it is a great chance for the organizers to try once again to solve an eternal problem: how to make all participants equal if every kite's canopy construction in the world is unique, not standardized. While International Sailing Federation (ISF) is racking its brains in this matter, in Russia they tried to give the athletes one and the same canopies from one manufacturer. Photographer Irina Sevastyanova captured the participants of the annual Cup of Yacht Club «Baltiets», during which the experiment (which, by the way, was considered successful) took place.

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