Just as long as there's enough room on the beach

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The European RS:X European Championship and Youth RS:X European Championship are taking place in Mallorca with a full house with a record 345 competitors from 43 countries. The organisers have been scrambling to find enough places on the beach on Saturday and Monday while the registration and equipment check was taking place. France and Israel have the most numerous teams: 55 and 39 people. Together they account for nearly 30% of all the participants.

The Russian squad is much more modest: only 11 people. Taking part last week in the same area in the Cup of Princess Sofia Maxim Tokarev, Vladislav Burmistrenko, Evgeny Ayvazyan, Alexander Askerov and Maria Lemenkova will be joined by Ilya Kirichuk, Stefania Elfutina and Anna Khvorikova. Mikhail Alexandrov, Artem Akimov and Anton Tokarev will compete in the Youth division. Four representatives from Belarus (Nikita Tsirkun and Artem Yavadov in senior division, and Yana Lomot and Yulia Matveenko in youth division) and Alexander Tugarev and Anastasia Valkevich (both adults) from Ukraine will also take part in the competition.

The first qualification races will be held today, April 9. For two days, adults of both sexes and juniors will compete for the right to enter the«gold fleet». In the women's youth fleet, these days will be a little quieter as the girls will race together throughout the week. Fleet racing will take place on Thursday and Friday, with the top ten in each of the four divisions battling it out for the European title during medal races on Saturday, April 13.

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