«Sailing will never die in a country where there are more awards than yachtsmen.»

«Sailing will never die in a country where there are more awards than yachtsmen.»

Report from the All-Russian Sailing Federation «Yachtsman of Russia Prize»
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On the evening of December 2 in Moscow for the third time this week the best Russian yachtsmen of the year were awarded. After the PROyachting and Yacht Russia awards it was the turn of the All-Russian Sailing Federation to say its strong word.

«Awards in Russia more than yachtsmen!»- Kolko noticed from the stage Alexey Zhirov, the leading PR manager of St. Petersburg Yacht Club, at the very beginning of the ceremony of awarding the winners of the first prize of Yachtsmen «of Russia .

The WFTU was ironic either for having to establish its own award after years of conflict with Yacht Russia over the intellectual rights for Yachtsman«of the Year, or just»over the magazine and other awards, or all at once. Rather, the important thing is that, in full accordance with the proverb, in this joke there was a lot of truth and at the end of a series of awards ceremony no one left «offended .

«Yachtman of the Year according»to Yacht Russia this year was Sergey Komissarov - the leader of the Russian national team in the Laser class. He «also»received the main prize from the Federation last year. Some guests of the VFSFS award expected that Komissarov would also be the winner of the Yachtman of Russia. However, the situation was more elegantly resolved. Denis Gribanov and Pavel Sozykin, who won the Olympic license for the Tokyo Games for Russia in class 470, received the award.

«Alexander» Bozhko, the third nominee for the title of Yachtsman«of Russia from the short»list of the VFSF, the helmsman of the Chechen team, did not receive a personal award this week. However, his crew first won the «Breakthrough of the Year» title from PROyachting, and then the Best«Team of the National Sailing League from the Board of Trustees» of the VFSF and the sponsors of the award. The latter, however, was quite predictable, as it was Ahmat«»who won this year in the High Division. The team was even accidentally congratulated from the stage even before the cherished red envelope with the name of the winner of the nomination was opened.

The results of the vote of the WFSF members for the Russian yachtsman also proved to be quite predictable, although, as it was noted in the federation, the candidates for both the men's and women's category shared only a few votes.

I don't think anyone would dare say that Yana Reznikovawho won silver at the World Sailing Championships in Gdynia and the gold of the world championship in Saint-Petersburg Just six months after joining the RS:X class, she has not earned the title of Yachtswoman«of Russia this year». But it is impossible not to recognize another thing - the merit of the girl's coaches in these victories. And just last week they were named Coaches «of the Year at the Yacht Russia» ceremony.

In the special«category Russian manufacturer of the year,»which was established for the first time this year, the winner was announced the company Speedboats«Mobile «Group -»manufacturer of light and maneuverable Russian 7-meter sailboats mX700 for short day races, the first of which came down from the slipway on April 1 this year.

The most unusual event of the evening was the awarding of the prizewinner in special awards Record«of the Year. Perhaps, never before has the Yachtsman«of the Year» celebrated achievements in extreme sports. The same year the prize was awarded to multiple Russian champion in kiteboarding Evgeny Novozheev for his record (53 km) solo crossing of La Perouse Strait, from Sakhalin to the Japanese island of Hokkaido in October this year. It is hoped that such awards will become a» good tradition for the new Russian Yachtsman«Award.

The ceremony of awarding Umpire and Umpire Assist Fleet Racing certificates to the graduates of the Umpire School, which has been working with the support of the National Sailing League since 2017, cannot but be noted.

«In 25 years only 15 umpires have been trained. We have been working for two years, and now, our first ten graduates!»- told the head of the All-Russian Collegium of Judges Anna Dejanova.

It seems that this«graduation on the» stage of Yachtsman«of Russia can be» considered a symbol of the second birth of the tradition of training of judges in our country.

For the League - the largest WFTU project - they also established a special nomination for the best organization of the stage. The award was presented to the Government and Sailing Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan. Due to drought in the original water area where the races were to be held in Kazan, it was impossible to organize the regatta. A new venue was found in a very short time.

The NPL geography is constantly expanding: if at first the races were held only in Moscow, Sochi and St. Petersburg, in due course Kaliningrad, Kazan, Tuapse, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladivostok joined them. And next year the regatta will come to Abrau-Durso.

The award for the best media coverage of sailing this year, as well as last year, was not presented by the WFSF (we certainly hope that this nomination will come back). However in a special nomination was noted the book of veteran of sailing Georgy Shaiduko, written in co-authorship with Andrey Zhulanov - ABC of Optimist«.«

«It contains the basics of sails, attitude, approach to the yacht, to the sail, to the wind. Basically, any beginner at any age can take this book in hands and get the first basics, - Shayduko»told briefly about his book.
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