Six in a row.

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Earlier this month, the formidable Cigarette Tirranna speedboat was unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show - 2019.

The 59-foot boat, honed for prohibitive speeds, is equipped with six Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines at once.«That's a total of 2,400» horses and 72 miles per hour!

Apparently, the Cigarette Racing Team was guided by the following principle: «much is not little». At least the image of «brand for mafiosi» that Cigarette was famous for under Don Aronow at the helm, once again makes itself felt - like in those years when cocaine smugglers put as many motors on their «Cigarettes».

Tirranna knows how to subordinate its ego not only to «service» speed, but also to the comfort of those nine lucky people who will be on board. From the summer kitchen on the aft deck to the exquisite interior trimmed in leather by Poltrona Frau, guests will find all the comforts and conveniences they could wish for.

«Tirranna is something that defies all description. She doesn't fit into any existing class of powerboat, but she remains a Cigarette anyway», said Skip Braver , head of the Cigarette Racing Team.

The impressive speedboat is rumoured to be priced in excess of $3 million.

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