Not again, but again.

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«Kirill Frolov's Battleship» tore its sail at theRC44 Cupin Porto Montenegro. During the first race on 11 April, the St. Petersburg yacht club team was first to the mark and led throughout the course, but right at the finish line, the gennaker on the boat suddenly tore. As a result, in this race the Russians finished only fifth, and in the next race, apparently not completely coping with their emotions, they ended up eighth out of nine. Only in the third race the athletes managed to pull themselves together and finish fourth.

«It was a real shame - the sail broke right at the finish line, - said Kirill Frolov, - and it was so bad that we could not free the mast from the gear for a long time, it took more than ten minutes while the fleet was waiting for us. Of course, our mood was bad, but this is sailing and we will fight on».

At the end of the second day of competition«Armadillo» dropped from seventh to eighth place in the standings. « Nika» moved from second to fourth place, and «Tavatui» successfully settled in RC44 and moved up from sixth to fifth place.

St. Petersburg Yacht Club teams often have bad luck with sails.

Twice in the last two years Bronenosec Sailing Team's sails have failed at international competitions in the TP52 class: in2015 during the World Championship, then in 2017during the final stage of the Super Series.

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