Boat as an art object

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Venice The 2019 Venice Biennale promises to be a delight A lot of curious installations, but the most controversial one, perhaps, everything is clear already is Barca Nostra. It's amazing how someone came up with the idea to turn a boat with a tragic fate into a work a work of art.

She sank on April 18, 2015, carrying more than 800 migrants on board.

According to UN investigation, the Barca Nostra crashed into a cargo ship that came to its rescue, causing it sank in the Mediterranean Sea, burying a huge number of people alive - only 27 people survived the disaster.

More more than a year after it happened. the Italian government initiated recover the rusted remains.., which were eventually transported to NATO's Sicilian NATO base. The corps spent the last three years until Swiss-Icelandic artist Christoph Büchel Büchel decided to exhibit it in biennale as an art installation.

According to Deutsche Welle, the cost of the salvage operation to raise the wreck from a depth of 370 meters amounted to €9,500,000.

The boat is now housed on the territory of«Arsenal»- a company that builds and equips warships. The aim of the authors of the project is a politically motivated project to remind the public, once again. of the ongoing migration crisis in Europe migration crisis in Europe.

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