Houseboat of dreams.


An unusual houseboat appeared this week on the bank of the Moskva River in Krasnogorsk, Moscow region . UrbanBoat Nautilus project was launched on August 2.

The realization of «dream house» 3 by 6 metres by photographer Mark Kozhura was undertaken by Kirill Kruchinin, an architect from DISobject studio, and the company «SDM Group». The construction of the houseboat from profiled sheeting took just over a month.

According to the happy owner, the cost of berth with the communications is comparable to the cost of possession and maintenance of a cottage in the Moscowregion.

The project has interior fittings including a large full-wall window on the«bow» and several smaller windows on the second floor level at«stern» and on the roof. The height of the house on the water is about four meters.

Thanks to the 10-30 hp outboard engine the houseboat will be self-propelled and is able to easily change its location. The houseboat will be registered as a small vessel and registered by the State Automobile Inspection as a motor boat.