Bad start

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Turkish TP52 Provezza lost her mast during the first race of stage IV of the TP52 Super Series, which started in Mallorcaon 25 August. According to witnesses, it happened after the first rounding «literally on flat ground». After missing two races, the aspirants to the medals of the stage (and also the world championship in the TP52 class) found themselves at the tail end of the standings.

Despite the lack of breakdowns, Provezza's rivals didn't have a much better day. Only South African Phoenix 12 team showed a stable result (3-3). It took the first place according to the results of two races. Reigning champion American Quantum Rasing is on the second place with the result 1-7. The German Platoon is in third place.

Russian «Armadillo» fought hard, but managed to finish only in 5th and 8th place, finishing 7th in the standings at the end of the day. The team took the lead in the first race on the first leg of the course, but received a penalty on the approach to the sign. «Due to the fact that Platoon blocked» Armadillo, the Russian boat became a hindrance to other teams.

The Mallorca competition, which runs until August 29th, is the last chance for all teams to improve their position in the overall series standings before the finals. As of today «Armadillo» has stopped on the 4th line. The Russians are 12 points behind third-placed Platoon.

The final of TP52 Super Series will be held in Porto Cervo, Italy, at the end of September.

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