Builder Columbia Yachts


The brand Columbia Yachts produced center cockpit sailboats. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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History of the company

The famous American shipyard Columbia Yachts was born thanks to Richard Dick Valdes and Maurice v. Threinen, who founded Glass Laminates in 1958. At first the enterprise was engaged in manufacturing of fiberglass plastic and construction of a canoe.

Later on the company transferred its experience in creating sailing yachts and changed its name to Glass Marine Industries.

One of the first Columbia 24 and Columbia 29 models was designed by the famous Sparkman & Stephens bureau.

The shipyard was rapidly gaining popularity and by 1964 its revenue had already reached $2.5 million. In 1965 the company rebranded and approved a new name - Columbia Yachts. In the following decade, the shipyard changed owners several times until it was closed in the 80s.

Status .

In the early 2000s Dick Valdes and his son Vincent decided to revive the Columbia Yachts brand. The company is still operating today.

Production .

Unfortunately, the shipyard has not yet managed to regain its former greatness and reach the volumes of the 60-70s. The production facilities of today's Columbia are located in the Californian town. Santa Ana not far fromLos Angeles. The company owns one small production building, which also serves as the shipyard's headquarters.

Model range

After the restart of Columbia Yachts, the company, like many years ago, decided to keep up with the times and gave up fiberglass.

As a material for hulls have chosen modern carbon plastic.

The company offers sports keel monotypes, sports cruising yachts and models with lifting keel. The shipyard's portfolio includes small sailing boats from 7.5 to 12 meters in length.


The use of carbon fiber in combination with vacuum infusion technology makes Columbia boats as light and strong as possible compared to models made of other materials. The interiors of the boats are designed ascetically and functionally as possible, which also reduces weight and makes operation comfortable for both small teams and single riders or travelers.