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Viale Italia, 115 - 57123 Livorno (LI)

Model range

The brand Phiequipe produces outboard Boats and tender Boats. There are 6 models from 3 to 7 meters.


Company history

Phiequipe was founded in 1997 and was initially involved in design for the automotive industry. Later, the profile was expanded to include equipment and special machinery for the oil and gas industry. The next step was to build boats for the private sector.


The company continues its work.


Phiequipe does not have its own production facilities. For the assembly, the company uses the services of contractors, with whom not only the contract for construction is signed, but also fully controls the processes, which ensures high quality. The boats are sold through two offices in Italy.

Model range

The model range of the company is presented in a rather narrow range - in the portfolio of boats with outboard engine with length from 3 to 6 meters. In design Phiequipe adheres to the classic Mediterranean style with its characteristic smooth outlines. The deck layout is available with a centre console arrangement, which makes Phiequipe's models suitable for both relaxing holidays and fishing. Phiequipe boats can also be used as tenders.

Features .

Phiequipe boats will cost more than similar models of competitors, but there is something to pay for. Firstly, the use of expensive materials in the construction - teak deck, natural leather for furniture upholstery and fittings made of stainless steel. Secondly, well thought-out design and naval architecture that gives aesthetic pleasure and saves fuel. And, of course, thirdly, traditional Italian quality.

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