Ashish and the ships

Ashish and the ships

Indian word in yacht design

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"As you name a yacht, so it will sail"... The name of Beyond Design India is translated into Russian as "beyond design" or "much further than design" and in this case the yacht sails exactly as it is named.

Not one very extravagant piece of ship architecture came out from under the quill of Ashish Gupta's head of the bureau, but his latest works - Maharaja 150 and Black GT95 - are clearly beyond even the most daring ship design as the world used to see it today.

The 150m Maharaja is similar to a regular yacht only in that it is longer than tall and its hull on one side is sharpened. Everything else is not from this world. The huge hull is made entirely of wood(!) and the whole outside, from the sides to the fancy superstructure, looks like a high-tech villa - all wood and glass.

If technology ever pulls up behind the flight of Indian thought and the Maharajah is built, the world will see a yacht with a separate hanging breakfast area, beach terraces, a 30 metre golf course, a glazed business lounge and several swimming pools. The sharpened hull on one side of the hull in the design hints that it can all be floated somewhere else.

The second concept of Gupta - Black GT95 - is no less revolutionary, but this time the emphasis is on speed. With a hull width of 12 meters, the 95-meter ship, ideally, will be able to accelerate up to 40 knots. The main deck will feature a giant outdoor salon for outdoor parties. There is an Indian luxury bar, three (!) swimming pools and an impressive amount of space in the cabins and on decks.

Like the Maharajah, the Black GT95 is almost completely "glazed" on the outside. The practicality and durability of this solution remains in question until the first storm, but the views from the yacht should be fantastic. Besides private terraces on both sides, the Black GT95 will have a helipad on the upper deck.

"Ýstaneskin painted planes. "Unimaginable, fairytale proud planes, candlelight soaring into the cloudless sky..." Many of us used to draw exotic vehicles as children, more based on our own fantasy than on science. Fortunately for the Maharaja 150 and Black GT95 projects, their creator is not an enthusiastic spotlight, but a strong specialist with a solid list of projects already implemented. In 2005 he designed the motor yacht Ashena with a 40 meter wooden hull and created the interior for the famous 90 meter yacht. Indian Empress. His bureau Beyond Design works with leading Dutch shipbuilders and is widely represented on the Monaco Yacht Show.

Though the new Indian projects are reminiscent of the hellish mix of a World War II battleship and a water park in Antalya, their appearance cannot but be pleasing. As an attempt to move away from the hackneyed standards and perhaps find a "national" face, these concepts deserve great respect. And the usual human curiosity can not be written off - and you would not want to ever see SOME on the water?

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