Whether it's a boat or a vision

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George Lucian, a designer from Monaco, is a great master of surrealistic projects. First he drew an origami-style sailing superyacht, then he came up with«alien boat»... His new concept is also original: the 70-metre-long Fata Morgana has borrowed its name from a complex optical phenomenon which, in turn, was named after the character of English legends, the fairy Morgana.

The conceptual superyacht was specifically designed to raise awareness of the irreversible climate change occurring in the Arctic.

Built to sail in the most rugged conditions, Fata Morgana fits perfectly into the landscape of the world where she is meant to be. The bow is reminiscent of rock formations, partly covered with snow and the stern, made of glass, looks like an iceberg.Besides, from a distance the boat can be mistaken for an island - exactly as it should be for the natural phenomenon of the same name described for centuries in sailor legends.

The VIP cabins and the main salon are situated in the «iceberg» aft. Thanks to the 100% glazing area, the views are unbelievable: you are inside and it feels like you are outside. A total of 12 guests and up to 18 crew members can be comfortably accommodated onboard, with space left over for a helipad, an outdoor swimming pool and even their own observatory.

An incredibly interesting idea is to equip Fata Morgana with devices that will monitor 24/7 the temperature of water overboard and the chemical composition of the ocean, and then transmit the data to responsible international organizations.

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