Towards the cheerful wind.

Towards the cheerful wind.

On board the Lurssen Solemates 197'.


About the Lurssen 197' case, created a few years ago. Espenom Oino for a yacht Linda LouWe wrote recently: it was also used for one of the most successful projects of recent times, the yacht. Arkleypresented in Monaco a year ago. A year has passed and here we have before us a new 60m Lurssen, Solemates, the charter hit of this season.

The white steel Solemates hull with its aluminum superstructures is entirely made up of smooth lines. It has no aggression: you can immediately see that this peace-loving vessel is designed for carefree recreation. The salon is extremely tidy - all the technical equipment is hidden in the hull as much as possible, and where they are open, like the winch for the tender on the main deck bow, they are a work of art themselves. Two more tenders, together with water toys, are hidden in the lower deck garage and retrieved through the folding boards.

The corridor that leads from the second deck to the bow garage at night seems mysterious and the captain's cabin looks like a naturally flying saucer. In general, the night lighting gives the Solemates a special character: it looks mysterious and inviting. This effect begins at the waterline (the yacht is equipped with underwater illumination), continues in rooms where in addition to the spot lighting there is also a ramp-shaped circular, and reaches its climax in the captain's cabin, where the red illumination of the floor and ceiling gives the final effect of a science fiction movie.

And don't forget the upper deck: during the day it's the owner's fitness club and at night it's the perfect place for parties with the appropriate light and sound systems. Like the previous Oaino hulls in this series, the Solemates is not fast - its limit is 15.5 knots, but its 7,000 mile autonomy and 28,000 litres of fresh water supply will allow it to cross the Atlantic without problems. From the two Caterpillar 3512B engines with 1,979 bhp to the Quantum QC1800 stabiliser, they are similar to Arkley's. Suffice it to note that this is a formula, proven over time and quite satisfied with the owners of previous hulls and their guests.

When it comes to interior design, this is where Solemates shows its character. Executed by the bureau. Glade Johnson.who has worked with Lurssen many times, the design of the Solemates can be called neutral and at the same time mathematically accurate. First of all it is necessary to note symmetry which is reached by skilful use of parallel lines and divisions into squares and rectangles which is traced everywhere. These are the blinds, sewn from rectangular flap, and the walls, in which alternating rectangular panels, and sliding screens with horizontal laths, not to mention the geometry of the table tops, ceiling panels, stairs. This, in fact, is called total design. And at the same time, this space does not seem artificial, because Johnson has provided for each square has its own circle, softening the "sharpened" impression. These are round tables, and notches in the suspended ceilings, windows of portholes, Jacuzzi, finally!

The total range of interiors is light and sandy, with inclusions of dark wood. Just look into the main deck saloon to see which Glade Johnson is a virtuoso. There are all the signs of "African" ethnic design: ebony is combined with zebrano, and the cushions on the chairs are spotted like leopards. However, all this gives only the slightest hint of the romance of long journeys, there is no African kitsch, as often happens in such situations.

Another feature of the interior is the designer's ability to create zones in it that allow guests not to sit in one big company, but to break up into groups of interests.

In salons of all levels there are many sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and tables where you can do your business without being separated from others. However, if you wish, you can also separate - the layout provides 4 identical guest cabins, VIP on the upper deck and a spacious master cabin on the main deck. The latter boasts three beautiful oval windows on each side and a personal Jacuzzi. And all areas without exception are good with plenty of natural light, which makes the interior light and welcoming.

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