Movie "finger up!"

Movie "finger up!"

Absolutely great movie on a maritime theme.

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What a pleasure you've just had, brothers! I've been watching this movie for an hour now, and I'm still impressed. To say that I recommend - do not say anything, I insist! Die for sure!

Had the flu all week. The state is preventive, the flu is especially nasty in Moscow today, but, as one of the classics said, in any situation you have to look for the positive side. Thanks to the fact that he couldn't even read, neither from the monitor nor from the paper (his eyes began to cut), that would not make him crazy, he revised a lot of films. First of all, from DVDs bought once, which did not reach the hands, then moved to online resources. And today, I found a totally cool movie on a maritime theme, last year's Norwegian film... "Kon Tiki". And what a holiday it is, I'll tell you! Hearts are right in the name! For all those who are passionate about the sea, travel, adventure, but not only...

In fact, the film is scheduled for release in Russia only in April 2013 (world premiere took place in August last year). The reason, I believe, is that he was nominated for "Oscar" as the best foreign film in 2013. Since the award is also being watched in Russia, it is obvious that in this way distributors expect to attract additional attention of the Russian audience to the not the most popular maritime theme. But the film is not only and not so much about the sea!

From my point of view, it's a film about the Human Dream! And about the purpose into which the dream becomes. And about courage, about human will and overcoming, about camaraderie and dragging the horizon. And a good shot! At some point, when I was watching it, I realized that the eye automatically fixes the movie, where it does not coincide with the sea. But suddenly I realized that it does not annoy me! It's clear that almost everything is filmed in the Mediterranean, there's no hint of a Pacific wave, you can see that the raft starts in Grand Harbor in Malta, and the hearing is clinging to the translator's "south-equatorial elbows" (obviously means the Passatas), but once again - all this is easy to forgive! And when men do step on the ground, you really feel their condition, really empathize with them! Because they LOVE! And you want to cry. And laugh. And at the same time...

P.S. And as a note in the margins. Almost all attempts to see something domestic, fresh, ended very quickly. Somewhere, there were figures that only 6% of modern Russian films paid off. I wonder, what kind of films? Tell me, my friends, do you have anything to see Nashensky in the last five years? And what would it be without Gosha Kutsenko (here's a real mystery for me? What does he take from directors?). The only thing he watched the whole week (and with pleasure!) was "Poor, poor Pavel!". I regret to state that in 25 years the industry has degraded, it seems, completely, turned into one big "washing" machine, because I do not see any other reason but nakedness in these films. Although, isn't that the industry the only one?

Andrei Sharkov,
president of the Russian Cruiser Club. Author's blog on Livejournal.

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