Star Atlas: Blush, illusion I and Invictus
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Star Atlas: Blush, illusion I and Invictus

What we had in mind when we were at the Monaco Yacht Show...
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New stars light up in the yachting sky every year. The Monaco Yacht Show is the easiest way to catch them at yacht shows. Once there, the editors of itBoat share their impressions of the brightest boats.

1. That's Blush. Sunseeker 155.

Length: 47.25 m

Width: 9.34 m

Precipitation: 2.25 m

This boat was at the top of our must-see list at the Monaco Yacht Show. She earned her share of fame before she was introduced to the public, and much credit is due to former «Formula 1»team owner Eddie Jordan, who was the first customer of a 155-foot model. In addition to fast cars, Jordan has other interests that he does not keep a secret.

He dreams of becoming a great grandfather and having a great «Sunseeker». Half done, Eddie!

The Sunseeker 155 is the flagship model, the most advanced that the British shipyard has built to date. It's 47 metres, and it's a completely different level of customisation. And by the way, a full-fledged beach club (the first of its kind at Sunseeker) is one of the main «customization» moments designed for Jordan. «For the kids»," he explained. The beach is designed to be comfortable and safe for kids. It's not just for the kids, but also for the caretakers. There is everything for a good rest, including a bar, sun loungers and showers.

In general, the accents on the upper deck are shifted downwards, closer to the water. Due to the beach club, the garage had to be moved to the centre of the boat, but toys lovers were not affected. There are also crane beams on the bow for dropping toys on the water. Eddie himself is not so interested in this subject, he gravitates more to a relaxed family vacation and would love to get rid of this cargo, but the boat will be available for charter, and there are their laws of competitiveness.

Two VIP cabins are slightly inferior to the «master» - they are sunk in the light thanks to floor-to-ceiling glazing. The center of attraction of the owner's cabin will be a balcony - a cozy place.

Engineers were delighted by the first sea trials of the 155 model - at 10 knots, the boat eats 50 liters per hour and its nose cuts two-meter waves by one or two times.

Summary: Although Sunseeker is growing, the shipyard has managed to maintain a sporty and fast style of boat exterior. And fast performance - with two MTU engines, this boat accelerates to 21 knots. Potentially with more powerful engines, this hull can reach 28 knots.

2. Garden of Eden. Illusion I

Length: 58 m

Width: 10,8 m

Precipitation: 3.46 m

We were worried about the fate of this boat on the eve of the show, when the pictures of Illusion I struggling with stropy waves in dangerous proximity to the steamboat went on journalist's hands. When we boarded Illusion I safe and sound, we satisfied our curiosity first of all. As it turned out, we were worried for nothing - everything was under control, although the weather was nasty and the photos seemed to show the boats closer to each other than they really were, the captain told us.

By the way, he was the one who gave us the tour. It's strange to say that the boat got here «from the ship to the ball», but it was like this: even the owner had not seen it before he arrived in Monaco. After the exhibition she will again face sea trials, then she will go on her first cruises and already this winter she will be available for charter in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. It has everything for the comfortable holiday and entertainment of large companies. There is a swimming pool, grill and bar on the sandaka, lounge area, wine cabinet, cigar compartment, cinema on the upper deck. There is no time to be bored.

The owner paid special attention to Illusion I decoration: the designers created a uniform style that can be seen from the «beach» to the sandwich.

Personally, this is a paradise garden created with exotic materials such as glass lalic, black walnut, parchment (!), silk and stingray leather.

A lot of stone (granite, marble, onyx) and floral motifs in the elements of decoration, also the abundance of fresh flowers on all decks is evident. The beach area with bar is designed in the same way. This cozy place is separated from the garage - water toys come down/up from the side.

The yacht can accommodate up to 12 people with the entire lower deck reserved for guests. The owner is located forward on the main deck in the master suite with huge windows and lounge area.

Summary: Illusion I is designed for extensive rest and extensive travel. For lovers of all that is beautiful and refined.

3. I am the captain of my soul. Invictus, Delta Marine

Length: 65, 53 m

Width: 13,1 m

Precipitation: 4.1 m

«It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul».

Some people don't like to spread the names of their favorite boats, which of course they have every right to do. But on board Invictus there's a sign with the above quotation from a poem by William Henley hanging in plain sight. And the title of this poem, as it is easy to guess, Invictus is unruly.

The owner is very proud of his yacht in general - he conceived to make a purely American boat that would give a forum to Europeans.

And if to speak about the level of carpentry work, decoration and technical characteristics, yes - it is not inferior to them. It is a boat of 2013, but it was definitely worth a look, if only to be sure - from a yacht 65.6 meters long it is quite possible to make a boat of 75 meters in volume. This is constantly emphasized in press releases, and the reality is in line with them.

The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and has 9 cabins: a master cabin, 4 «dubbles» with king size beds and two «twins» (on the main deck) plus two cabins on the lower deck. All cabins are spacious and comfortable, but the Owner's stateroom is, of course, a separate song with separate verses about two bathrooms (for the owner and the hostess), a terrace and huge windows. There is a cinema for 14 people, a gym, if the brave ones get to it, taking into account the barbecue and Jacuzzi on the Sundeck, beach club and an arsenal of toys for active entertainment on the water.

The yacht is available for charter, this winter she «cruises» in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The staff is very friendly and professional. In addition, the crew area is inhabited by a smart and high school dog, Victor, who, unfortunately, is strictly forbidden to enter the galley. And he dishes this rule in a holy way.

Abstract: A balanced yacht, good on all fronts - not only the interiors and technical characteristics are impressive (the stabilization system, for example, here is made at the last word), but also the opportunities for entertainment.

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