Team Alvimedica: School on Volvo Ocean Race

Team Alvimedica: School on Volvo Ocean Race

As the skipper of the Alvimedica team, Charlie Enright, has gone from a Disney movie to a harsh round the world.
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Charlie Enright became a skipper... Volvo Ocean Race thanks to the classic student principle«, everyone went, and I went». It started out, oddly enough, with Walt Disney, or rather his nephew Roy Disney, a passionate yachting fan. He was the one who led Disney's studio to shoot the documentary project Morning Light about the team of young yachtsmen that the team of non-young yachtsmen is preparing for the «adult» Transpac regatta.

This reality show on deck turned into serious life consequences for the young athletes.

According to Charlie Enright, all his buddies and classmates from the university have applied for this project, well, he also applied, and at the last moment. One of his classmates, by the way, was Mark Tovill, now the senior manager of the team, and also its member. He was also selected for Disney, and both young men played themselves on the project.

Already then, again, according to Tovill and Enright, thoughts about participating in the Volvo Ocean Race began to acquire in their minds the features of a specific goal. Some of Morning Light's teachers were veterans of this legendary regatta, and it was they who must have inspired the guys to look in the right direction. The guys looked, and seven years later they organized the youngest debut Volvo Ocean Race team - Alvimedica.

The average age of the crew is 32 years, taking into account the forty-year-old navigator (well, at least one adult on the ship!).

The skipper «turned» 30 the other day, and some of them have not even reached this age. It goes without saying, don't be enthusiastic about it. And, although other teams do not have sand spilling out of them, young summer» teams have become a favorite topic for the media«. Meanwhile, «Alvimedica» herself has already won the first coastal race Volvo Ocean Race in the water area of Alicante, which was held on October 4. On the one hand - well done youth, but on the other - did not keep the trump card up the sleeve and showed that they are worthy opponents. And the older ones were not respected either:)

Looking at the team's file it becomes clear that the elders should not yawn and «Alvimediki» yachtsmen should not have any competitive experience. Including several crew members participated in previous VOR seasons on different roles.

The coastal regatta is also a good bid, but not an indicator. So despite all the rave reviews from the press and a complimentary summary of Knut Frostad (CEO of the regatta), «Alvimedic» is still a dark horse in this sailing adventure.

A certain interest is aroused by the sponsor of the team. It is not some distribution brand monster, but again an active young company Alvimedica, based in Turkey and engaged in innovative technology for cardiac surgery. After all, some VOR teams were sponsored by almost private individuals, and here - quite specific and clear corporate goals, positive image and a lot of positive emotions. In any case, the head of the company does not hide the fact that it is quite a loud entrance to the world business arena, where prestige and fame play not the least role.


s nice to wish good luck

to such guys.

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