Burn, burn clearly.

Burn, burn clearly.

The barbaric preferences of online readers and what yacht owners need to do to prevent them from giving what they want.
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If you offer your readers several videos to choose from, it won't be difficult to guess which mouse cursor their mouse will reach the Play button. For example, between the $17 million» [HD Quality] video about launching a new boat and the $17 million [HD Quality] video about how the boat« burns, most people will not give their «clicks» to the beautiful.

For comparison, a fire on a «Polar Bear»yacht. At the time of writing the note gained about 1 million 860 thousand views (!):

Or here, the most beautiful aerial photography of the Maltese Falcone sailboat. Slightly more than 38 thousand views (and this video is on YouTube longer), and this, we note, is still a very good result, but it is unlikely to ever reach a million.

Fires can only compete with epic floods, but they are fortunately rare (897 thousand views).

Such a balance of power, of course, is understandable, but the industry is still angry. So here are some tips from Kate Willis, the famous surveyor, to help you avoid a fire:

1. Have a fire plan and get a team. Everyone should know by heart how to behave and what to do in a fire.

2. All fire hazardous works are carried out in strictly designated places. It's the only way. Make sure it's done.

3. If there's welding work on the boat, it takes 24 hours to make sure it's safe. And don't distract the crew from outside business.

4. Make sure that everything that is easily combustible is removed away from places where repairs are being made and that a spark can slip. All flammable stuff, rags, paints and fuel are removed away. Keep everything in its place.

5. Last but not least. Smokers overboard (seriously, it is better for this category of passengers to stay on the shore or leave their habits on the shore).

Take care of your boats and watch our good (mostly) video assemblies!

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